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Bruno * Good with DogsGood with CatsWorking on HousetrainingCrate TrainedNot good in apartmentsLikes to ride in the carNeeds a fenced yard
Gender: Male Age: 4 - 6 years Status: Adopted
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Neal and Ruth Zielaskowski: In loving memory of our girls (Katie, Emma, & Sally).

This handsome hound dog is Bruno! Bruno is an approximately 4-6 year old male tri color beagle who is as sweet as can be. He has a laid back, goofy hound dog personality. He weighs 31lbs currently and is very outgoing. He has medium energy level and nice loud beagle voice. His favorite activity, other than eating, is sniffing around the yard barking to alert you to interesting smells and bunnies. He is very social and gets along well with both human and dog strangers of all ages and sizes. He has been on restricted activity in his foster home due to going through heartworm treatment but prior to that he loved playing chase and wrestling with his foster sister.

He has quite a loud voice and likes to make his presence known to passers-by so he would likely not do well with apartment living. He is comfortable walking on leash and loves to go on walks but does have some issues with pulling. Due to his activity restriction he hasn’t had much opportunity to work on that. He is mostly house broken with an occasional accident every 1-2 weeks. Typically he does well as long as he is let out every 4-6 hrs. When he first came into his foster home he did have issues with urine marking but since his neuter this has improved drastically. He alerts his foster family when he wants to go out by standing at the back door.

He loves roaming free following his nose and doesn’t always listen once he is onto a scent so a fenced yard would be best for him. He can easily be coaxed into his crate with a piece of cheese and settles down pretty well once in. He is crated during the day from 8:30-5 and has no issues keeping his crate clean throughout the day. He enjoys car rides and likes to be up sniffing out of the window.

Bruno is being fostered with an 8-year-old beagle, 15-year-old yorkie and a 10-year-old GSD/lab mix. He does well with them all and has shown no fear or aggression with other dogs of any size. He does not guard bones or toys. He hasn’t shown any food guarding issues with food aggression but he does charge the others food bowls and eats very fast. He would do great with a laid back, non-dominate dog friend. He isn’t overly dominate or submissive in his foster home.   He will occasionally chase the cat in his foster home but just in play, no aggression. There are no kids in his foster home, but family members ages 2, 4 and 5 yearsvisit often and he does very well other than jumping up for attention. He has shown no fear or aggression with kids. He would likely do well in a home with kids sturdy on their feet and who have been taught how to behave around dogs. Due to having been treated for heart worms it will be very important for him to receive heart worm preventative on time every month for the rest of his life. Bruno has a really great personality and would do well in most homes.

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