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Glory * Good with CatsDoes not Potty on a LeashShyHousetrainedGood  for ApartmentsNeeds a fenced yard
Gender: Female Age: 2 years Status: Adopted
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Debbie Roberts: Hope Glory will be feeling better soon! Elizabeth Cash. Maria L. Allen: little beauty get well soon!

Glory (always called Gigi in her foster home) is an approximately 2 year old female beagle weighing about 28 lbs. She is an extremely shy girl but also extremely sweet. She is very timid with new people and will hide when visitors come to the door. She is also very sensitive and nervous with loud voices or a lot of activity. She will probably do best in a calmer home without a lot of visitors or young, exuberant kiddos.   Once she becomes comfortable with a person she becomes their shadow and loves affection, though she is still shy asking for it.

She is fairly low energy for a young dog and is content to nap on the couch all day if that’s what her people are doing. She is also fairly quiet for a beagle and rarely barks excessively. She is potty trained and goes to the back door to signal she needs to be let out. She does walk well on leash but will not potty on leash so she would be best suited to a home with a securely fenced yard for potty breaks.

She has lived with a cat in her foster home and has adjusted to her well. She did bark and chase in the beginning but now mostly ignores her. She lives well with other dogs and seems to enjoy their company EXCEPT when food or high value toys/bones are out. She will guard her food bowl and bones. It has never progressed further than growling and “air snaps”. Her foster dog siblings are a fairly submissive and laid back group so it has been easily managed here with feeding her in her crate and keeping a close eye on everyone when bones are out. She is likely not a good fit in a home with a dominant dog who would react poorly to another dog guarding their toys or sharing bones. She has never guarded food or toys from people. She is extremely gentle and sweet taking treats and will relinquish any bone/toy to the humans in her foster home without any signs of aggression or fuss.

She is shy with handling but never aggressive and has done well with being picked up, bathed, having nail trims and at the vet. She rides well in the car on short trips. Other than her resource guarding from other dogs, her only bad habit is sneaking into the food tub. She is opportunistic with food and very smart about getting into it.

Gigi arrived to Midwest BREW with 3 pups and was a fantastic mama. She was heartworm positive and has completed treatment. Due to activity restrictions, she hasn’t had a chance to be taken around and socialized too much. Now that her treatment is over she is on the market for a family of her own who are willing to move slow and put in some time teaching her how to “dog”.

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).