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Sweet Pea *

4 years
  • Sponsors Needed
  • Special Medical Needs
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Janet Lee Borgers. Kristen Malecki: Get well soon! The Buccellato Family. Rosalee Trimble: Get well, darling Sweet Pea. We're all pulling for your recovery. Beth Elias: Hope your treatment goes well and you feel better soon Sweet Pea! Rosalee Trimble: Get well, little sweet Pea. Pat Patras and Sally Lindberg: Hoping you feel better real soon, Sweet Pea!
Sweet Pea *

Sweet Pea has tested positive for lyme disease and ehrlichia.  She will start treatment soon.


We are only able to provide her with the required medical attention through your donations.


If you would like to  help us offset the cost of her treatment, please click on the “Sponsor Me!” button.


Donations are greatly appreciated!

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