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Tiny * Popular Good with DogsGood with CatsHousetrainedLikes to ride in the car
Gender: Male Age: 5 years Status: Adopted

Meet Tiny!  Tiny is a 30 pound male, tri-color beagle mix.  Tiny was estimated to be approximately 5 years old but his foster family thinks he is much younger. Tiny was rescued from a bad situation where he was left outside with just a chain and padlock around his neck and nothing more than a broken down dog house for shelter. Tiny's rough start did not break his awesome spirit though! He is one happy little guy and very friendly towards everyone he meets.


Tiny is a super sweet boy with medium energy level.  He is a social dog who loves interacting with adults, kids, dogs and did well meeting a cat. Tiny didn’t seem to know what toys were initially but boy once he figured it out he has had so much fun with them. He loves to fetch, play tug of war, chew on rubber toys and pull the stuffing out of soft toys. Tiny would love a dog sibling or human pal to romp around with him.   He tries so hard to engage his grumpy 10 year old foster dog sibling but she isn't too interested and she isn't too fond when he takes toys from her. Tiny is not aggressive at all. He just wants to play and have fun!


Tiny really enjoys attention and affection from people. He has been great with older kids and loves the extra attention he gets from them. Tiny can be a little mouthy when he gets really excited. He enjoys a good cuddle but also has no problem relaxing on his own.


Tiny pulls a little when on leash and has gone on runs with his foster mom. He likes the walks and being included on the adventures but eventually just wants to get back inside the warm house and curl up in his favorite chair or lie by the fireplace. Tiny likes to sit in the window and watch the action outside. He will bark when other dogs go by but is rather quiet otherwise.


Having lived his life outside Tiny was a little unsure of where to go potty. He initially had a few accidents but he quickly learned from his foster sister to go outside. He likes to go outside when she goes out and usually will come right back in when she does. He is starting to realize that he will not be left outside ever again. Tiny has also learned to ring the little bell by the door when he wants to go outside! Such a smart boy!


Tiny stays in a doggie playpen when his foster parents are at work.  He is a little reluctant to go in as he would rather be out and about. Tiny can get into things when left on his own. He likes to take shoes and move them to other rooms. He has not chewed one up but he has chewed a few kids’ toys (they look the same to him!).


Tiny sleeps on the couch, his favorite chair or a dog bed when it's bed time. He settles right down and sleeps through the night. 


Tiny's ideal forever home would include a fenced yard, a doggie playmate and, most importantly, a family that will play with him regularly and love him forever.