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Beau * Popular Potties on a leashHousetrainedCrate TrainedGood  for ApartmentsLikes to ride in the car
Gender: Male Age: 2 years Status: Adopted

Hello! Beauregard Edmonton Augustus Ulysses Beagle here. That’s a whole lot of name for a whole lot of personality! But, you can just call me Beau. I’m three or four years old, weigh about 28 pounds, and I pack a lot of love into a small package. I am a deep chocolate brown tricolor, with the cutest smattering of freckles on my nose! My favorite thing in the world is just to sit by your side and be petted. I will do that 24 hours a day if you throw in some ear scratches and belly rubs! Foster mom says my only bad habit is jumping up on people because I’m so eager to be loved! We are working on that, but I love people so much, it’s a hard habit to break.

Foster mom thinks I haven’t been around other dogs too much, because I am always excited to meet them, but I’m also afraid of them and sometimes roll over on my belly in submission. I got into a couple spats with the boy beagles in a temporary foster home, but one was in a tight enclosed space where I couldn’t get away, and the other involved a spilled plate of human food. Everyone wanted that! In my current foster home, I live with 2 girl beagles, and I’ve done fine with them (I think I’m a little bit afraid of them!) and I’ve done fine with the boy dogs I’ve met on walks and at the dog park.

I am housetrained, and I do OK in my crate when no one is home and at night. I don’t really like it though, and I would much rather have run of the house. Foster mom is gradually leaving me out of the crate more and more, and I’ve done ok. I do like to explore, but I haven’t torn anything up! She says my funniest trait is that I chew the tags off of things! Pillows, toys, dog beds- those things don’t need their tags! I’ve never chewed up the things themselves, just the tags!

I’d love to go on adventures in the car with you, and my favorite adventure right nowis the dog park! I run and run and get to meet lots of new people that give me lots of hugs and pets! Sometimes they even give me treats, and I take them very gently. My foster sisters want to play with me, but I just don’t understand how that’s done yet! I sometimes like to chase a ball or a toy though. I also like to go on walks and explore everything around me. So many good smells and things to see! I am eager, and tend to pull a lot, so a harness is a good idea, and lots more practice!

If you are looking for a new best friend, and want a companion to be by your side, I am the Beau for you! I‘ll be waiting!

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).