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Laniece * Popular Good with DogsShyWorking on HousetrainingCrate TrainedNot good in apartmentsLikes to ride in the car
Gender: Female Age: 2 years Status: Adopted

Hi Beagle Friends! I am looking for a very special forever home. Could it be yours? My name is Leniece, although foster mom usually calls me Lennie. Or LennieLu. Or sometimes Loony! It all depends on what I’m up to. I am around 2 years old, and I’m a small girl at only 19.5 pounds. I like to run and play, and I’m learning how to play with toys too! I do great in my crate, and when I’m out of the crate I’m not destructive at all. Foster mom says I’m also doing excellent in housetraining. I am learning to go to the door and scratch on it when I want to go out, and any accidents are getting less and less frequent. I also do great in the car and get along great with the two dogs that live here.

Here’s where the “special” part comes in: foster mom says I am fearful of new things, and am reactive to unknown noises. When I first got here, everything was new, and all kinds of noises startled me in to barking! I am gradually getting used to things, but many noises still make me howl. Foster mom says I’ll need a forever home with rescue experience, and experience in how to deal with a timid dog. I’ve only been in my foster home a couple of weeks, and mom says I’ve made HUGE progress, but I do still growl, bark, or howl when I hear noises I don’t recognize. Footsteps upstairs (over my head) or leaving and entering the room I’m in, seem to especially get me going. My foster family has started announcing things to me, and that actually helps a ton! “Lennie, I’m coming into the living room”. “Lennie, I’m going into the kitchen now”. Crazy, huh? It just seems less scary when I know they are coming or going! Foster mom says it will just take time and patience to become comfortable in my surroundings and not let everything scare me.

Other than that, I’m learning that life in a warm home is pretty good! I get good food, and warm dog beds, and hugs and kisses and ear scratches, and playtime, and walks, and the dog park. Foster mom says I am beautiful and sweet, and I’m beginning to believe her! I would do best in a quieter home as I get used to this thing called life, and I would also adjust better with another dog in the house. I look to my 2 foster sisters to show me what to do, where to go, and how to react. They have helped me so much!

So if you are ready to handle a beautiful little girl with some fear issues, and think you can help me out, I promise to love you back and keep working on my confidence! Together we can help me be the best girl ever! Contact the good people of Midwest BREW to help me out!


NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).