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Buddy Guy * Popular Good with DogsBad with CatsPotties on a leashWorking on HousetrainingNot good in apartmentsHigh Energy
Gender: Male Age: 7 months Status: Adopted

Buddy is a very sweet 7 month old beagle puppy looking for a patient, active family to call his own. He weighs about 20lbs. He is longer than a typical beagle with long ears so his foster family thinks he may have some basset in him. He is a typical 7 month old pup with a very high energy level and lots of curiosity. He will need a family with the time and patience to give him both the exercise and mental stimulation he needs. A bored Buddy means enough orneriness and shenanigans to test the patience of a saint.

He is working on potty training in his foster home and doing well. He still needs to be taken out regularly (every 1-1.5 hours while awake and after play time/lots of drinking) to prevent accidents in the house. He understands going out on a leash means to “go potty” and he is quick about doing his business when taken out. He knows how to “sit” and he is working on learning that a “sit” at the door is how to ask to go out. He stays in a crate overnight and is quite in the crate as long as a person is in the room with him. He is not a fan of the crate but he is working on crate training and gets a treat whenever he goes in. When put in the crate while his foster family works he howls very loudly. He quiets down after 10-15 minutes but would not be suited to apartment living. He can be vocal and his bark is pretty loud.

He pulls some on leash but is fairly easy to walk. Buddy LOVES walks. He chews like a typical puppy but prefers bones/chews to furniture. He does like to have your attention, and will whine and jump up to get it. He doesn’t have any issues with guarding food, bones or toys from other dogs or people. He gets along great with the three other dogs in his foster home. He would do very well with another young, playful dog. He cannot live with cats. He hasn’t shown any aggression but he is afraid of the cat in his foster home and barks whenever she is around. There are no kids in his foster home but he has been around kids age 2-4 years and done well. Buddy would likely do fine in a home with kids old enough to be steady on their feet.

Buddy rides well in a crate in the car. He whines for a few minutes then settles down.   He likes to run, sniff, and play fetch in the fenced back yard but he would be ok in a home without a fence as long as his family understands this guy has a LOT of energy and will definitely require daily walks to keep him on his best behavior. Once Buddy has been properly worn out he will snuggle up on the couch and snooze for a few hours. He is a fantastic snuggler who likes to lie in his persons lap.

Buddy is a sweetheart that would do well with any family who understands that he is going to need some training and adequate exercise. He is a super handsome man and a champion cuddle buddy.

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).