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Huckster Popular Good with DogsShyWorking on HousetrainingLikes to ride in the carNeeds a fenced yardHigh Energy
Gender: Male Age: 5 years Status: Adopted

Hi, I'm Huckster, but all my friends call me Starry. I know that name because my human dad named me Constant Sorrow" (after the blue grass song) and called me "Sorry." It’s a funny name because I’m actually a pretty happy dude. But last year, while human dad and I went hiking in the woods he sadly passed away - leaving me to fend for myself for weeks. It was winter and I was cold, but I survived! I'm a star dog champion!

Anyhoo, my foster mom and dad will tell you I'm a really good boy. I'm learning lots of basic commands like "sit" and "go outside." I'm not real great with "wait" yet, especially when it comes to food! Because I was on my own for so long with no resources I get super excited about food. Foster mom and dad are trying to slow me down with a slow feeder bowl and dog broth on my kibble.

I'm a gentle giant and a little larger than your average beagle. I have a lot of energy, too. If you love to walk or run, I'm your guy! We can walk and run and have so much fun. I love running through the fenced-in yard and the dog park and I'm really fast!

I can be shy and skittish around loud noises. I get a little anxious during rain and thunder storms so I snuggle with my human. Squeaker toys scare me so I prefer bones, tug toys, and ripping apart fuzzy toys. I'm a bit mischievous, too - I might chew on things you probably don't want me to - like remotes and phones so keep those out of my range. I like to bring all my toys to my doggy bed and play with them there. My tail is mighty, and I've been known to knock into things with it.

When my foster beagle sisters and I go to day camp, I'm the star of the show. All the teachers love me and say I'm a joy to have. I get along with other dogs well, too. And while I won't initiate play, sometimes I'll play with other dogs if they ask.

So if you are looking for a kind, goofy, lovable fuzzball who balances sleeping in the sunshine with running in the yard - I'm your Star Man! I'll keep you active and entertained.


Starry (aka Huckster, Constant Sorrow)

Notes from Starry's foster parent: Starry is truly a sweet boy. He's been through a lot of adventure, change, and new places since Thanksgiving 2018 and is doing really well with the changes. He has a ton of energy and is almost always hungry. We feel his appetite will normalize over time as he realizes regular meals are always on the way. He's curious, good in the car, and sleeps well. Although he was an outdoor dog for a long time he’s very quickly learned to be an indoor dog. He's energetic! After a full day at camp, he's ready for more. An active family with a fenced-in yard, willing to work on basic commands would be perfect for him.

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI)