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Katrina * Popular Good with DogsPotties on a leashHousetrainedCrate TrainedGood  for ApartmentsLikes to ride in the car
Gender: Female Age: 1 year Status: Adopted

Hi Everyone!

My name is Katrina! I’m a snuggly, one year old girl who got lost in Ohio and found my way to Midwest BREW and my new foster family. Now I have a foster mom, dad, beagle brother and sister!

I love my new home. My favorite thing to do is to cuddle on my foster parents laps. I can’t get enough love no matter how much I do that. I always have more room in my heart for more. I press my head right in to their chests to soak up more love faster.

I play with my foster brother a lot too. We chase each other all over the house and yard. My foster sister is a lot older than me, so we don’t play much, but we’ve become friends. I love playing fetch and chewing on squeaky toys too.

At night, I curl up next to my foster parents and sleep like a log. It’s great having a warm, soft bed full of people/dogs that love me.

I hope to find my forever family fast. I only have one special requirement: that my new family will give me tons of hugs and pets.

NOTE: Dogs may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).