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Solomon * Popular Good with DogsHousetrainedHigh Energy
Gender: Male Age: 1 - 2 years Status: Adopted

I am Solomon a long legged beagle mix. My family calls me Solly or King Solomon.  I’m only 30 lbs and I am lean like a greyhound but all beagle in personality. I eat and get on scents like a beagle and I can make myself into a tiny ball. I have the housebreaking thing down and I’m learning all the other commands.

There are three resident dogs here and, I like to play with all of them, especially the younger one who plays chase.  I sometimes don’t like to share so I could be a good only dog also.  What I really love is cuddling with my family and being outside.

I tested positive for Lyme disease and I am taking antibiotics for approximately 20 more days and I’ll be done with that. 

I am a good boy and I adapt well, keep me busy and be ready to cuddle.

NOTE: Dogs may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).