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Sadie * Good with DogsWorking on HousetrainingNot good in apartmentsLikes to ride in the carNeeds a fenced yardCouch Potato
Gender: Female Age: 9 years - AARB Status: Adopted
Sponsored By:
Khloey, Rodger, Gail, and Mom.

Hi, my name is Sadie! I am a 9 year old female beagle. I lived 8 of those years on a chain, having litter after litter of puppies throughout the years. I ended up with a huge cyst on my back that burst and it even had live maggots in it. That’s when someone called the dog warden and they came and saved me.

While at the dog pound the mass was removed. I have a nasty scar on my back now.  I was so sad until the nice folks at Midwest BREW brought me into the program and found me a nice foster home. I’ve been with my foster family for almost 2 months now and am mostly housetrained and know how to use a doggie door. I do need to go outside about every 4-5 hours and may wake you up early in the morning to go out to potty. I have a good appetite, am a hearty eater and LOVE treats. I will even sit for a treat! Although my back legs are still very weak from being on that chain so long I do love my daily walks. I do go slow and enjoy sniffing along the way. I’m up to ¼ a mile a day. My legs will get stronger but it will just take some time.  I adore lying outside and napping. There are many times my foster mommy can’t find me only to go outside and find me lying under the shade tree. I’d really like to have a fenced yard so I can spend time outside.

Even though I’ve not had a good life, I am very sweet and love to be petted. Belly rubs are the best! I follow my foster mommy everywhere she goes. If she goes in a room and shuts me out I will stand there and bark until she lets me in. I’ve never had love before and I think it’s just the greatest. I’d love to have a home where I’d not be left alone for very long. I do bark for a while each time foster mom leaves so I’d not be good in an apartment. When she walks the other dogs and leaves me home I will bark until she gets home and it’s my turn.

Because of all the litters of puppies, I had 3 mammary lumps that my vet removed and thankfully all were benign. I had my teeth cleaned and one was pulled. I’ve been spayed, microchipped and am up to date on all vaccines. I weigh 23 lbs.  I’m very healthy.

I get along just fine with all the other dogs in my foster home although I don’t care to play with them. I enjoy car rides and would love to go with you when you go to places that are dog friendly. I’m not real fond of being in a cage so I sleep in a dog bed at night by my foster mommy. My legs aren’t strong enough to jump up on the bed but if they were I’d love to sleep with her.

I will need a family that is patient with me while I learn to be an inside dog and will help me get stronger. Please contact Midwest BREW today to learn how to speak to my foster mom.

Love, Sadie

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