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Honey Bear * Popular Good with DogsGood with ChildrenWorking on HousetrainingGood  for ApartmentsLikes to ride in the car
Gender: Female Age: 6 years Status: Adopted

Hello Hello! I am Honey Bear! I don’t know why they call me that. Maybe it’s because my fur is the beautiful warm shade of honey. Maybe it’s because I’m so sweet! Maybe it’s because I’m cuddly as a teddy bear. Maybe I’m ferocious like a bear! No, I’m pretty sure that last one isn’t true. I don’t really even know what ferocious means! Maybe it’s because of all the other things though! Foster mom says I am beautiful, and sweet, and cuddly. She also says I’m slow as honey when she’s in a hurry!! I can trot with the best of them when I’M in a hurry though. Like dinner time, or play time!

I was picked up as a stray, so there isn’t a lot known about me, and I’m not telling. But the vet says I’m about 6 years old and exactly 30 pounds. Foster mom says I was really out of shape, and couldn’t even climb up on her lap, but good food and lots of exercise is starting to change all that. I can now climb onto the couch, and laps, and my favorite leather recliner. It’s kind of slippery though, and sometimes I slide back down to the floor like a puddle of honey. I’m trying to learn some manners, and that house training thing, and we work a lot on sit, down, and stay. But really, I’d just rather cuddle or nap. I love the outdoors, and a nap in the sun might be my favorite thing in the world! Or maybe it’s people food! I get really excited when I smell people food, and foster mom says you must be sure to keep it out of my reach if you want me to come live with you.

I expect every person I meet to give me some loving, even the little kids! Once one honked my nose with their little toddler hands, but I didn’t mind, and just kept wagging my tail. I love all the dogs I’ve met, too, and I’m disappointed when they don’t love me back. I kind of have a crush on this senior boy at the dog park; we like to trot around and sniff things together. So, it would be nice to move in to a home with a friend, but I’d be ok alone too; that way I get ALL the attention! I don’t bark much either, just every once in a while when the other dogs that live here get excited about something. So I’d be pretty good for apartment living; as long as you can take me out to potty every few hours. The third floor would not be the best place for me!

Foster mom says she can’t think of anything negative about me, except to keep working on the housetraining. I sleep in my crate at night without any fuss, and I have run of the house during the day. Except for a few accidents (I’m just not very good at “hold it” yet), I haven’t torn up or chewed on anything. All I need in the world is some good food, some exercise, and lots and lots of cuddling. If that sounds like I’d be then girl for you, then let Midwest BREW know you would like a Honey Bear in your life! I’ll be waiting!

NOTE: Dogs may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).