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Mallory * Good with DogsGood with CatsPotties on a leashWorking on HousetrainingCrate TrainedLikes to ride in the car
Gender: Female Age: 2 years Status: Adopted

Hi!! Thanks for clicking on me! My name is Mallory, but you can all me Ally for short!

I was very lucky to be in the Midwest BREW program. My foster family has been grooming me to be the perfect family companion and now I’m excited to move on to living the best life ever!

As far as beagles go, I’m as close to perfect as you can get! Please let me to fill you in.

I’m VERY social! I love people and fellow puppers of any age or size, and I even get along with the resident cat (now that I know I won’t get beat up as long as I don’t get too close!) I go to doggy camp twice a week, and all my canine friends and the staff there refer to me as the most popular girl in school.

I’m a short, petite and pretty little girl. My fur is very soft and clean and I don’t shed. I like sporting my collar and harness, and I do great on a leash. I also have a tomboy side to me. When I go outside in my yard I love exploring with my nose for as long as I’m allowed. Sometimes I play in the mud, but when it’s bathtub time I don’t mind too much. I’m just happy when it’s over!

Speaking of outside, I am really getting good at going out in my yard to do my business but I still need help being reminded on occasion. I also want to learn how to give the “signal” when it’s time to go!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE car rides! I get excited when my leash comes out, and I will jump in the back and lie down and enjoy the ride. You might forget I’m even back there!

Oh! I went to the doctor recently and he said I could stand to add a pound or two, but other than that I am in excellent shape (and he said I also have a killer smile!)

During the day I either take a nap or play quietly with my toys. I am still learning which toys I can and can’t play with, but overall I’m very good at only chewing up my rope toy and playing with my stuffed animals. When my foster parents have to leave, they say “go to your room!” and I go to my little wire meditation room and lie down on my bed and wait quietly until they come back. Sometimes I even go in there on my own!

Overall, I’m very quiet and content. I don’t find a need to bark unless I’m really excited when playing with my canine friends. After a busy day of playing, belly rubs, and cuddles, I climb up my little steps into the big bed, and I fall asleep next to my parents and dream about what exciting things I will get to do tomorrow. Maybe one of those days it will be meeting you and then become your new sweetheart! I may be a little girl, but I can make your family grow by four feet!!

Love, Mallory

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