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Jay * Good with DogsNeeds Another DogPotties on a leashShyHousetrainedLikes to ride in the carNeeds a fenced yardCouch Potato
Gender: Male Age: 10 years - AARB Status: Adopted

Jay is a sweet, timid, early senior at 10 years old. He loves being outside, so a fenced-in yard is a must, as is a family that spends time in the backyard so he can nap in the grass (or in the hostas). He is friendly but a little reserved and will take a while to warm up to new people, and is particularly shy and unsure around men, so it will be important for any men in the home to show him lots of patience and kindness.

Really likes other dogs- he would do great with a buddy. He has no interest in our pet bird, but we have not seen him around cats or other pets.

We go for 2-3 long walks a day and he likes when the whole pack (family) goes for a walk together- that is when he gets super waggy and peppy. Loves hiking and going in the water and playing in the waves.

He is still getting used to being in the house the majority of the time, and is not 100% relaxed indoors. He clearly prefers to be outside napping in the shade, but is starting to love plush dog beds inside too.

He can be quite stubborn and just stand there- and he sometimes hesitates to cross large intersections and has needed to be picked up and carried across because there is no pulling him along. A harness is a must for this strong guy- watch out for squirrels and bunnies before he sees them, he’s interested!

He has been diagnosed with a heart murmur and the vet has recommended a follow up with a specialist. He also has a bit of arthritis that he takes a glucosamine supplement for, but neither of those things slow him down!

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).