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Birdie * Popular Good with DogsWorking on HousetrainingNot good in apartmentsLikes to ride in the car
Gender: Female Age: 4 years Status: Available

Meet Birdie!  Birdie is a super cute, sweet, happy, little girl weighing only 23 pounds.  Birdie came from Ohio but we don't know much more about her.  The vet is guessing her age to be approximately 4 years old.

Birdie was very shy and hesitant when she arrived at her foster home.  She immediately found security with the resident children ages 12 and 9 and chose to sleep with them the first few nights.  Over the next week Birdie became more comfortable with her surroundings and started to show her true personality. 

Birdie is a very happy dog and loves people.  She craves and seeks love and affection from humans.  She is very engaging and will look her people in the eye, communicate vocally and follow them around.  She has grown attached to her foster mom and gets anxious and vocal when she leaves the house or returns.  She is showing progress in relaxing as she learns that her mom continues to return.  Over time Birdie will learn to trust that the love she is now getting will not go away.

Birdie is a medium energy dog.  She loves hanging with her people and occasionally will play with the resident 4 year old beagle boy, Bullet.  They will run through the house together and sometimes play tug.  Birdie does best with a laid back non-alpha type dog. 

Birdie enjoys soft plush toys and treats.  She loves to go on walks and has trouble containing her excitement when the leash comes out.  Birdie pulls on leash but is manageable.

Birdie is generally a quiet dog unless her foster mom leaves the house or one of the other dogs gets to go on a walk without her.  She also is super excited to go on walks and will vocalize her excitement.  For this reason she would not do well in an apartment.

Birdie enjoys looking out the window for other dogs.  She is good on car rides.  She enjoys meal time and waits patiently for her food.  She knows commands like sit and come.  Birdie is working on potty training.  She is learning to go outside in the yard but still does not potty on leash during walks.

Birdie is just a sweet, sensitive and happy bundle of joy.  She would love a home where she receives lots of human love and affection.  She would be ok as an only dog or having a easy going canine sibling.  She is good with humans, dogs and has been gentle with the kids she has met. She has not yet met a cat. She would do best with a patient family willing to continue to work with her to help her feel secure, safe and most importantly shower her with love.

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).