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Frank * Good with DogsGood with CatsGood with ChildrenPotties on a leashHousetrainedNot good in apartmentsLikes to ride in the carCouch Potato
Gender: Male Age: 5 years Status: Adopted
Sponsored By:
Kelly Zenere: In memory of Tucker (formerly Chico) a BREW alum.

Frank is about 41lbs, 5 year old beagle possibly with some basset thrown in there for extra cuteness.  He ended up with Midwest BREW due to circumstances associated with COVID (even our furry friends are frustrated by it).  He loves to methodically sniff things, in new environments.  He has a fantastic beagle bay that is music to the ears of those who love that sound.  He is on the vocal side.  His singing voice comes out when he’s in his crate (he really doesn’t love being left alone in there), and when he really gets into tracking a scent outside.  A drool rag comes in handy at times with his floppy jowls.

Frank would do best with a family that is home more.  He’s become COVID spoiled just like his foster siblings as his foster humans are working from home, but in general he really likes being around his people.  He’s most comfortable when he’s laying in the dog bed next to a desk or snoozing on the couch.  On the surface Frank is a big ol’ goof, but there’s a sensitive side in there that loves being loved on.  He enjoys routine.  Initially when in new situations, he has a tendency to want to tell others he’s been there (some marking behaviors), but as routine, familiarity and comfort happen for him, he settles.

He’s amazing with his foster human sibling toddler.  He loves to check in on the kid, but gives plenty of space and doesn’t react when toddler comes hurling at him.  He gets along great with his foster doggie siblings, the neighbor lab puppy and the neighbor’s cats.  Of the two cats in their home one is territorial and likes to hide under a bed.  Frank found that cat, wanted to sniff it.  After a hiss from the cat and gentle guiding away, he was on to another scent.  The social cat and Frank were nose to nose.  They said hi, and moved on along to other things our spoiled fur babies find interesting.  Frank could have a cat sibling.  It would take a little adjusting for everyone to get used to each other, but it seems like he’d be happy sharing a home with a kitty friends.

Energy-wise, Frank is on the more mellow side, and gets the zoomies sometimes when coming back in from the cool crisp fall/winter air.  It gives all the dogs some time to romp and play together.  He’s a great snuggler and enjoys being curled up in blankets and laps.  Perfect for the cold Midwest winters.

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