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Dewey Dumpling * Popular Good with DogsPotties on a leashHousetrainedCrate TrainedSpecial Medical NeedsNot good in apartmentsLikes to ride in the carDoesnt need a fenced yardCouch Potato
Gender: Female Age: 9 years - AARB Status: Available
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Marcie Freeman: This is in tribute to her late owner. May you find another loving forever home soon Dewey girl! Kathryn Martin: Dewey was my Aunt's dog, who loved her dearly. They had a special bond that dogs and their person often do. Dewey brought much joy and laughter, our hope is Dewey finds a forever home with another person she can show her love and joy as only beagles can do.

Hello Everyone,


I’m a sweet beagle girl and my name is Dewey. I was named for my late mom’s evening Dewars. I lost my mom of 9 years late last year and miss her very much. Luckily Midwest BREW found me a safe and loving foster home. My late mom battled dementia and she would keep my bowl full and give me treats whenever I asked. As any self-respecting beagle would do, I made sure all food was consumed. That’s what got me into a bit of a predicament.


I am about 13# overweight at 38#. I am on Pimobendan for a grade 4 heart murmur due to a mitral valve insufficiency. The medication is to prevent me from going into heart failure. Estimated cost is .78 cents per day if the medication is purchased at Costco. I do not have any symptoms of heart problems and love to walk and play. I’m very spry for my 9 years of age. I was 15# overweight when I came to my foster home, so I have already lost 2# and feel darn good.


Now this weight thing is an issue between me and my foster parents. They only give me 2 healthy meals each day! And my treats consist of the corner of a Milkbone or lettuce. I do believe this is cruel and unusual treatment, so I need to be adopted as soon as possible. However, Mom says she will be very insistent with my forever family about what and how much I get to eat. Ugh!


I enjoy my daily walks and playing with my foster siblings in the fenced in yard. I love to walk and promise not to pull on the leash except to water mailbox posts so they grow better. I will sit in my crate and wait for that little bitty treat when you go away. Then I will lie down and wait for your return. I love to cuddle on couches and even know the words “move over.” I also enjoy car rides and am housebroken. I’ve only met the little girls across the street and didn’t mind them petting me.


I don’t see as clearly as I did as a puppy. I bark at things, people, and sounds I don’t recognize. Therefore, an apartment or condo may not be the best options for me.  


I would really like a new permanent family who would love and understand me. I am looking forward to my next journey. Will you help me? If you are willing, I promise to give you all my affection. Love, Dewey

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