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Louie * Popular Good with DogsGood with CatsHousetrainedCrate TrainedNot good in apartmentsLikes to ride in the car
Gender: Male Age: 8 years - AARB Status: Available

Louie, Louie….a Louie Louie….oh no, said we gotta go…..oh, oh, were you listening to me sing in the shower? Well I’ll stop and tell you about myself.

First of all, I a stand a little taller, and my foster family says I am an A1 counter surfer. My kitchen name is Get Down. So watch where you leave food. LOL Oh, and no matter what I believe, I am told that the big white bowl in the bathroom is not a self filling water bowl. So you will need to keep the seats down.

When it comes to supper time, my food, or treats, I can be pretty whiney about them. But we have been working on this.

Otherwise I like to lie in your lap or share your recliner. Or if I get there first, the recliner is all mine!! Rub my belly please!!! I like to follow you around and be with you. I do show some interest in playing with toys.

I am what they called housetrained. Apparently that is a good thing. I also am good in the crate when you are gone. They throw in some treats and a frozen peanut butter kong, and yummo. I might whine for a few minutes after, but when foster dad checks the security camera I am generally just sleeping away. They think I would be good with run of the house also.

We have a fenced yard here, and I think if there wasn’t that white junk out there I would like to run around. But foster dad has put me out the front door on a tie-out a couple of times and I have been fine with that. We just did a short walk because of icey roads and no sidewalks, and I did all right. I am a healthy active boy and would probably enjoy walking.

I am a good car rider. I sit or lie in the back. Though if you let me up front I will ride shotgun. Rumor is I got to sleep in the big bed in my previous home, sooooooooooo… Here at my foster home I sleep on the couch or a recliner in the living room, and sleep all night. Unlike my bad foster siblings, hee, hee.

I have two foster siblings and get along great with them, but we don’t really interact, and I would be fine as an only dog.

Well thanks for reading about me and sing on!!!!!

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).