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Orange * Popular Good with DogsPotties on a leashHousetrainedCrate TrainedNot good in apartmentsLikes to ride in the carNeeds a fenced yardCouch Potato
Gender: Male Age: 7 years Status: Available

Hi! My name is Orange, but my foster mom calls me Dozer. I am a gorgeous 35lb boy looking for my forever home. I am larger size than your average beagle. I am what is known as a brace beagle so I’m larger and low to the ground. I never lived in a home until now. So this is all new to me. Boy is it fun! I love exploring and discovering new things, especially the couch and these comfy dog beds. I like to sit in the window and watch everything going on outside. I get along with the other dogs here. I try to play with them, but they aren’t interested. I’d love to have another dog to play with. I also love everyone I meet. I’m great at giving kisses and I like to snuggle. Little kids would not be good for me due to my size and I am still learning manners like not jumping on people or stealing food out of their hands.

I love hanging outside in the yard and enjoying the sunshine and sniffing. Sniffing the ground is my favorite thing to do. I can get quite loud when out there though when I pick up a good scent. A fenced yard would be ideal for me so I can roam and sniff everything. I make foster mom laugh all the time. She says I am such a clown. When I’m playing in the yard I don’t run, but rather I pounce sort of like Tigger the Tiger. Even though I can get pretty loud outside, when in the house I’m very quiet.

I am crate trained and whenever foster mom has to go out I go to my crate and just sleep peacefully till she returns. I also sleep in the crate at night in the bedroom and am very good. Foster mom says I still need to be crated when not supervised for my own safety. I can be mischievous and get into things. I’m just curious about everything.I am housetrained and just go to the door to let foster mom know when I need to go out.

I’m not the best walking partner. I go really slow and have to stop and sniff everything. And I can be pretty stubborn if I find a scent that I feel I need to bark at. I’m a good eater but I do need to gain a few pounds. I’m a little too lean in the waist. Who ever heard of having to fatten up a beagle?

If you think I may be the man for you and want to know more about me, contact Midwest BREW. Foster mom would love to talk to you about me.

NOTE: Dogs may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).