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Red * Popular Good with DogsGood with CatsWorking on HousetrainingNot good in apartmentsNeeds a fenced yard
Gender: Male Age: 8 - 9 years Status: Adopted
Sponsored By:
Yury Gimburg: In memory of Bekka and Sophie, two great beagles.

Red is an 8-9 year old beagle who has been getting used to living indoors over the last few months. Red’s very favorite thing to do is to spend time outside in the yard tracking scents that are invisible even to other beagles. He can easily spend hours intensely sniffing in the yard often accompanied by loud and persistent baying. When he gets tired, he comes up on the deck or lays in the grass for a snooze.

Red is what is known as a “brace beagle” and was used in field dog trials for most of his life. Red was surrendered to Midwest BREW when his owner retired from field trialing. Brace beagles are bred to be heavier ( Red is about 38 pounds) and stockier than many other beagles, and Red is a methodical tracker rather than an outright chaser when he is on a scent. As a result, Red probably wouldn’t make a good walking partner because he can spend hours sniffing the same exact area, and often the only way to get him back inside is to physically pick him up and carry him.

Indoors, Red is fairly low energy and low maintenance. He doesn’t get on the furniture or play with toys, but he has made progress in accepting attention from people. Likewise, Red mainly ignores that other dogs and cats in his foster home, as long as there is no food involved. He is overall gentle, confident, and independent, and isn’t troubled by rowdy dogs or loud noises. Red is mostly housetrained, which I think is a result of living outdoors all his life.

Red has had a handful of seizures in his foster home. The vet recommended holding off on medication unless the seizures become more frequent or more intense. He also has a slight limp in his front leg that the vet believes is eiher arthritis or possibly an old injury. And he has double dew claws on his back feet so he looks a bit like a duck when he walks.

Red’s ideal home would include a fenced yard where he can sniff and roam at his own pace, but also in a setting where his loud voice won’t disturb their neighbors. His new family needs to be patient as Red is still learning to be a family pet, and he may never be as snuggly or playful as other beagles. Red is overall content and easy to get along with.

If you think Red would be a good fit for your family, we would love to hear from you!

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