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Gender: Male Age: 8 years - AARB Status: Adopted
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Elizabeth Chase: Get well, Buddy! Marybeth Gerard: In memory of our beagles, Bandit,Barney,Dexter,Dinah and Moochie.Get well Buddy! John Mackey: Get Well Dear Buddy--In memory of my little beagle Annie who I lost 8 years ago. Andrea and Jenifer Schreiner: Good luck sweet Buddy.

Is it Skippy? Is it Jiff? No, it’s just me, Peanut Buddy. Midwest BREW was calling me Buddy, but some of my paperwork said my name was Peanut. Foster Mom used both names. I didn’t know what Buddy was, but I ran to her and put my paws up when she called me Peanut. She said, “Peanut Buddy it is!”

2021 has been hard for me. My family moved away and left me behind with 2 other dogs. That was so scary. I didn’t know where I would find food or water, and the ticks were eating us alive. Some nice folks rescued us, and I was placed in an animal shelter. That, too, was terrifying with all the noise and chaos. The great people who work with Midwest BREW got me out and to a nice veterinarian. He took good care of me but discovered I had ehrlichia. I’ll be done with my medicine soon! Two days later I came to my foster home. I felt rotten! I had a hard cough, a runny nose, lots of sneezing, and my skin was full of scabs from the tick bites. Foster Mom took me to another nice vet. who gave me medicine for my cough and for my skin, along with medicated shampoo for 6 baths. Happy Days! My cough is almost gone. I don’t sneeze any longer and my skin feels SO good from the baths.

I’m ready to find my furever home with you now. I may be 8 years old, but I love to play with my foster brothers, go for walks, go for rides, and snuffle around in the fenced in yard and woods. I’m really good in the car ‘cause I fall asleep. I go in my crate when my foster parents go away, even tho’ I don’t really like it. I tell them so, but then I snuggle into my blanket. I’m pretty much housebroken and I’m a good eater. I do love to snuggle with my foster parents on the couch.

My needs are simple – a snuggly bed, quality food to help my coat grow back, someone (human or dog) to play with, and lots of snuffle time. Most important I need a vow that I will never be abandoned again. If you are looking for a very young-at-heart AARB beagle, I’m your man. Just call my staff to set up an appointment for me to interview you. You won’t be sorry!

NOTE: Dogs may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).