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Gender: Female Age: 5 - 6 years Status: Adopted

My name is Zoey. I’m 5-6 years old and only 20 pounds.  Not to brag, but I’m a beautiful girl, with a red head, red ears, and blue and red ticking all over.  I’m gentle and submissive. I love to snuggle and soak up lots of attention. 

I had a hard life before I was rescued. I spent my entire life outside in a tiny cage and had to fight for food. I am still timid and scared of men.  I need someone with a lot of patience and understanding about my fears. I would do best in a calm environment with a woman as my main caregiver.  If there are men in the house, they need to be patient and give me time and understanding until I get comfortable with them.

I am great with other dogs and need another dog in the home with me.  I am just starting to come out of my shell and I need an experienced dog to show me the ropes.  For example, when my foster mom tries to walk me by myself, I crouch in fear, pull back on the leash and refuse to move.  But when my foster mom walks me with the other dogs, I trot along happily behind the others, tail wagging, and sniffing anything the other dogs find interesting. 

Mostly I prefer to be inside, but I am getting braver and more curious. For several months I hid in the back of my crate, hoping foster mom wouldn’t make me go outside, even to potty.  My fears slowed my potty training, but recently my curiosity has been getting the better of me and I’ve been happy to follow the other dogs outside.  I’ve even gone to the door a few times BY MYSELF, requesting to go out to potty.  Foster mom is so proud of me and says I’m making amazing progress.  I will get there but I need someone who will keep working with me.

I am learning how to play with toys.  I like to shake them into submission and then place them one a time in my spot on the couch. Once I have a big pile I lie down on top.   

I need allergy pills and eye drops twice per day. I ride well in the car inside a crate. But I do not sleep well in a crate at night.  I want to be with my humans at night.

I’m in search of someone with lots of love and patience who will give me time and understanding to continue working through my fears.  If someone can do that for me, and maybe throw in some belly rubs, I would be the bestest dog and love them fur-ever! 

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