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Chloe * Special Medical Needs
Gender: Female Age: 6 years Status: Sponsors Needed
Sponsored By:
Erin Emmert: for Chloe’s leg. Tiffany Sanders: Good luck on your surgery Chloe. I know my sister will take great care of you during recovery. Charla Fleming. Lisa Kozej: Please use towards Chloe's surgery. Sending you prayers for a successful surgery sweet girl. Terri Wallick: For a special girl, you are loved. Prayers for great outcome and fast healing. You deserved better and will have it soon. Thank you for coming into our lives. Ralph loves and misses you too. Patricia Shaw: Your in good hands Chloe with Rachael. Hope you have a quick recovery. Anonymous donation: Wishing the absolute best for this adorable cutie. Cathy Holmes: To help with amputation surgery. Lynn Smith. Glenda Olszowy: Dogs are amazingly adaptable. Chloe has a challenge ahead of her, but she will do just fine. Jerry Swanson: To help cover the cost of Chloe's surgery. Myra Kondrat: Prayers for a speedy recovery. Anonymous donation. Elizabeth Cash: You’re in the best hands Chloe! You’ll be fine!!

UPDATE 6/22/22: Chloe is starting to come out of her shell!! She is starting to not run circles in the yard and relax, she is starting to go and explore other pieces of furniture and befriend the other dogs in the house.
She’s starting to relax more. She really loves Kong time when we leave, that’s her favorite!! She’s a super sweet dog who just likes to relax and give kisses.

Please consider making a donation to help us offset her expenses. Your generosity is appreciated.


UPDATE 5/30/22: Chloe is starting to come out of her shell a little bit! She is starting to spend time in the kitchen with the other dogs when her foster mom is in there. This is huge for her! She will come in, sit down for a little and then go back to her chair. She LOVES the other dogs in the foster home and will definitely need a home with at least one other dog. She cries when she is in a room alone. She is a very sweet dog.

We continue to ask for your help to provide Chloe with the care she deserves.


UPDATE 5/7/22: Chloe continues to recover after her amputation surgery.  She is doing great at home and getting better every day.

Please click on the video link to see her progress two and half weeks after her surgery.

If you would like to sponsor Chloe, please click on the “Sponsor Me!” button. Your contribution is very much appreciated.


UPDATE 4/22/22: Chloe had her amputation surgery on Monday and is recovering quietly at home. She’s such a sweet little beags! She loves her foster siblings and is starting to wag her tail so loud we can hear it beat against the kennel.

Please consider making a donation to help us offset the cost of her care.  Click on the "Sponsor Me!" button to make a contribution.

Your generosity is appreciated.


Chloe is a sweet girl that came into the Midwest BREW program with a limp on her front left leg. She tested positive for Lyme disease at the time and the limp was believed to be a consequence of it. However, when she continued to favor the leg after being treated for Lyme, we took her to an orthopedic surgeon who took X-rays and found that Chloe had a dislocated shoulder for some time. The injury was affecting her quality of life and the doctor recommended an amputation.

We are once again appealing to your generosity to help us offset the cost of Chloe’s surgery. Any amount helps and every penny counts.

If you would like to sponsor Chloe for her surgery, click on the “Sponsor Me!” button. Your contribution is very much appreciated.