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Gender: Male Age: 5 years Status: Adopted

Hi! My name is Bennie and I am new to Midwest BREW. I was found in a busy intersection in Indianapolis by a good Samaritan and taken to safety with my foster mom in Dec 2021. The vet says I am approximately 5 years old.

I am a true gentleman. I am house trained (mostly except for a few accidents or when around unknown males I like to claim my space). I do not hop on furniture. I actually do not even attempt to though I do love to snuggle! I am crate trained and I do well on a leash. I barely use my voice and when I do it is to alert my people that someone is outside the home. I do not voice much else; I tend to be very quiet. I am very food driven so teaching me new skills should be quite easy. I LOVE other dogs and cats and critters of all sorts. I will do best in a home with other dogs as I am quite frumpy when I haven’t got playmates but I absolutely come alive when other dogs are with me. I also do wonderfully in the car! No motion sickness or fussing. I like to be with my person so take me whenever you please! I love meeting new people and I don’t know a stranger. I love people of all sorts and ages. In fact my foster mom has kids of all ages and the toddler is learning to “pet” and I just love his affection even though it doesn’t look like a “pet” quite yet. I am very patient and my temperament is very steady and calm.

The only important consideration outside all these great qualities is that I have retinal degeneration. The vets don’t know why this happened to me. It doesn’t cause me any pain but I can see very little now and I may lose what vision I do have left. This does NOT require any further medical intervention but I will need a steady environment without a lot of changes so I can acclimate. My foster mom says I have adjusted so well in 3 months that she is confident most folks won’t even know I am blind when in familiar surroundings. This is also why I will do best with other dogs. They will help guide me. Plus I just really love to play. I can’t chase a ball but I love to wiggle-waggle and dance about (In fact they call me Benny Waggles!)

If you think I’m the guy for you contact your Midwest BREW adoption counselor and ask about Bennie!

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