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Gender: Male Age: 9 years - AARB Status: Sponsors Needed
Sponsored By:
Sherry Morgan. Ronda Blayer. Yuqing Shao. Andrew and Jenifer Schreiner: In memory of our beloved Scout who just passed. Good luck sweet boy. Holly Pozzi: Sending love from me and my one-eyed wonder beagle, Clancy. Shannon Woods. Kelly Spanke: Hugs and love sent to sweet boy Scout. Anonymous: Hope Scout will have no more health issues in the future. Elizabeth Cash. Christina Babich: Sending so much love from Christina and fellow Beagle rescues Bowie Mercury & Jack Elvis. Anonymous. Tiffany Slubowski. Elizabeth Cash. Marybeth Gerard: I hope you are feeling better sweet boy. Antonella Scarpiello: In loving memory of Pippa. Alyssa Olsson. Lisa Snider. Sue Brady: Prayers for Scout’s heart condition. What a sweetie, even being blind. Holly Pozzi. Stephanie Rodriguez: Hoping Scout feels better and his health improves. Sending Scout positive vibes! Susie Gailey. Tammy Sultsna: Thank you for all you do. Amy Spaulding: Sending love sweet boy! Andrew and Jenifer Schreiner: Stay strong sweet boy. Sandy Swaim. Allan Family. Tracy Nasiadka and Vince Sands: Rest easy Scout! You are loved! Anonymous: Thank you for helping this sweet boy. So sad.

UPDATE 03/14/23:  Scout had his appointment and diagnostic tests with the veterinary cardiologist a couple of days ago.  Unfortunately, the outcome is not as positive as we were hoping for.  Scout has severe heart disease (degenerative mitral valve, degenerative tricuspid valve, and pulmonary hypertension) and he has now become part of our Hospice Care Program. Scout will remain with his foster family where he will receive the love and medical care that he requires until the time comes to help him pass.

Once again we appeal to your generosity to help us offset the cost of his medical care.  Please consider making a donation to help us continue to provide the best care for Scout.  Any amount helps!

Thank you as always for your support.


Scout is a sweet 9 year old beagle that came into the program with severe glaucoma in both eyes.  Scout's eyes were removed and he is a much happier boy that acts just like any other dog.

Scout is happily waiting for her furever family under the care of his foster family, but as luck has it, he recently started experiencing signs of heart disease.  We have scheduled an appointment with a veterinary cardiologist to determine the correct treatment for him, including diagnostics and heart medications.

Please consider making a donation towards his medical expenses. We can only provide him with the care he needs thanks to your generosity.  Any dollar counts.  The amount is unimportant.

Thank you for helping us help Scout get well and get back on his way to find a furever home.