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Gender: Male Age: 8 years - AARB Status: Available
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Montana Green: In memory of Cody.

Hi, I’m Brody! I came to Midwest BREW from a rural Ohio shelter after I was found as a stray. At an estimated 8 years old, I am a young senior. My foster parents say I am the perfect combination of “playful” and “laidback.” I like to run around the yard, have discovered how much fun toys are, and enjoy playing with the resident beagle at my foster home. After I’m done playing, I am content to just lounge around the house. I'm pretty good about walking on a leash and really enjoy having my head scratched. Like a typical beagle, I like food, but I absolutely love treats and get super excited during treat time. I am gaining confidence, but I am not shy! I’ve also learned how to use a doggy door.

I had an MRI because my hind legs are wobbly. The veterinary neurologist thinks I may have had a disk injury at some point in the past that has now healed, but that has left me with less sensation in my hindquarters. I am not in any pain, though, and get around just fine. My foster parents can give you more details on this. I am 90% housetrained: I do well with a schedule and access to the yard with the doggy door, but I still sometimes have accidents. This is very likely due to my previous injury and may persist for the rest of my life. I weigh 35 lbs and have gotten much stronger since arriving at my foster home. To help prevent a future disc injury, the vet recommends I avoid doing a lot of stairs. I also take a daily low-cost dietary supplement. I would not do well with a cat, and I do not like being crated. My foster parents limit the rooms I have access to when they’re gone. At night, I sleep contentedly in a dog bed. All I’m missing now is my forever home!

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).