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Gabriella * Popular Special Medical Needs
Gender: Female Age: 3 - 4 years Status: Sponsors Needed
Sponsored By:
Tracy Nasiadka. Anonymous donation. Lisa Boland: You deserve so much better sweet girl! Get healed up and we will help you find an amazing furever home! Cat Warren: Gabriella, be the little engine that could.. We have prayers winging there way to your sweet soul.. survive and the world will be at your paws. Love and devotion is on the horizon. Margaret Wasilewski. Christine Pierce. Lisa Vito: Thank You for helping her. Lisa Kozej: God bless you sweet girl. Lynn Smith: Sending prayers to this special girl. Anonymous: Your life will get better from here on out sweet momma. Judy and Kevin Sunderman. Ellen Galanis. Debbie Roberts: Wishing Gabriella a speedy recovery! Barbara Scherer: Hoping for a full recovery and a wonderful new life. Anonymous: Donation in memory of Poz, I hope Gabriella makes a full recovery and finds a loving home! Karla Pradt. Ruth Minni: Feel better girl. Anne Shelley. Kathy Garis: In memory of Tom Garis and John Shields. Jan Ramion: I am so sorry for the cruelty that you experienced and the loss you felt in losing your puppies. Life will get better sweet girl! Carlene Decker: Thank you for helping her! Katherine Mangan: in memory of Mabel. Anonymous donation. Deborah Szymanik: Love and hugs. Karen Voit Geissel: Sending Love from BREW Alum Patterson's mom and family. Robie Heller: Thank you for helping this poor girl. Anonymous: Hope you get better! That story is heartbreaking! Deb Veyette: Prayers sweet girl. You did what you could. Missy & Dwight Osha. Hande Jones: I am so very sorry she had to go through this. It is wonderful you found her. She is now safe and in good hands. Cannot wait to see her positive updates. Sandy Swaim. Randoulph Teegardin: Get well soon little girl. Jennifer Biggs: It's not a lot but my heart breaks for this beautiful baby. Natalie Dion: I hope you get an awesome new home with an incredible owner sweet girl! Anonymous donation. Glenda Olszowy: oh my, poor Mama lost her pups. Give her lots of love for us. Connie Kubica: Sending lots of healing thoughts and love. Elizabeth Cash. Fran Callahan: Sending love and hugs. Anonymous: Get well soon, Sweet Girl… better days are ahead. Diane Pawlak: Feel better soon pretty lady Gabriella. Diane Kwasniewski: God bless you pretty girl. Hope you are healthy soon and find a wonderful home. Randoulph Teegardin: Best wishes to you little girl.

UPDATE 9/21/22: Gabriella continues to improve every day and becoming more comfortable in her foster home.  Her foster mom reports that she is not longer hiding, comes to her when she calls her, and looks for cuddles and scratches. She is also walking well on a leash and her tail is up most of the time!  Don't miss her new video!

If you would like to make a donation for Gabriella or any other beagle in our program, click on "Sponsor Me!".  Thanks again for your support. 


UPDATE 9/2/22: Gabriella is slowly coming out of her shell.  Her vet appointment went well with her blood test coming back favorable.   She need to gain a couple pounds but we can already see where she is starting to fill in. She is still very timid and her foster mom is working on gaining her trust.

Thank you all for your support, donations and words of encouragement for Gabriella.

If you would like to make a donation towards her care, please click on "Sponsor Me!". 


UPDATE 8/26/22: Gabriella will be released from the vet hospital later this morning and moved to her foster home later today.  We are profiling an updated picture of her taken yesterday.  Note how thin she is and you can tell by her eyes she is still recovering...

We thank everyone for your donations, support, and good wishes for Gabriella. She still has a long road ahead of her.

If you would like to help us offset the cost of her medical care, please click on "Sponsor Me!" to make a donation. 


Gabriella was left for 2 days in a crate with 8 recently delivered puppies with no access to food / water, and under the sun. Unfortunately, Gabriella’s puppies (which were estimated to be 2 days old) did not survive. Gabriella is terribly dehydrated, she is running a high fever, and the veterinarian suspects she has a uterine infection. She is currently hospitalized, receiving fluids and small amounts of food so that she is strong enough to withstand a surgical procedure to remove the uterus.

We appeal to your generosity to help us save Gabriella. Please consider making a donation to help us offset the cost of her medical care. The amount is unimportant. Every cent counts.

Please click on the “Sponsor Me!” button to make a contribution.  

We thank you in advance for your help.