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Katie * Popular Special Medical Needs
Gender: Female Age: 2 - 3 years Status: Sponsors Needed
Sponsored By:
Regan Manosalva. Craig Cordi. Angela Morris. Anonymous donation. Barbara McLendon: Hoping Katie recovers soon and gets a good home. Anonymous: To help with her surgery. Anonymous: Get well soon, Katie! Cynthia Morin: In memory of Misti Bender. Katharine Mueller. Jane Gau: To help with Katie's surgery and recovery. Chris Wallis: If you can, please post updates about Katie. Thank you for helping her. Sally Ann Flanagan: Hope she feels better soon. Lynn Speakman: Get well soon, sweetie. Jackie Ratcliffe: Sending you love and healing prayers, Katie. Thank you, Midwest BREW for caring for her. Connie Kubica: Sending Katie healing thoughts for a complete recovery. Richard Griffith: Coby, our best friend, passed this June. From Coby to Katie. May you heal soon and find a loving, furever home. Cathy Holmes. Kristen Brophy: Hang in there Katie & make a full recovery so you can beagle a family that loves you! Laura Guskiewicz: Lots of prayers for a full recovery. Anonymous: Toward the bill. Anonymous: Fred wants you to know BREW will find you the best furever home. Anonymous: I had a little part beagle named Katie several years ago. Hope this little Katie has a wonderful long happy life. Amber Bishop: Sending love healing prayers to sweet Katie. Holly Deeds. Sharon Boudreau. Katie Campbell: Best of luck to you darling Katie! You’ve stolen our hearts with your sweet face. Best wishes to your recovery and thank you to all taking care of you and the other beagles. Lauren Vosseller. Anonymous: Get well soon! Love Charlie, a former BREW beagle.

UPDATE 9/5/22: Katie was moved to her foster home on 9/3/22 where she will continue to recover under the care of her temporary family and the orthopedic vet. She is receiving the appropriate medications to keep the pain under control but overall, she is doing well. 

Thank you all for your donations, words of encouragment and your trust in our organization.  It's because of your help that dogs like Katie have another chance at find their "happily ever after".


UPDATE 8/31/22: Katie had surgery to repair her pelvis yesterday.  She is still hospitalized and the vets and nurses are making sure she is comfortable and in no pain.  She was taken off the intravenous pain meds to get her started on oral pain killers and she has responded well.

If Katie continues to improve, she will be released and moved to her foster home on Saturday.  She has a long way ahead of her but with your help and the help of our wonderful foster homes we can offer her a new chance at happiness!

We thank all of our followers and friends for the donations and the prayers for Katie.  They are very much appreciated!


Katie was hit by a car Saturday night and left to die in the middle of the road.  A Good Samaritan found Katie and took her to a local vet where she was x-rayed and given some pain meds.  She has a broken pelvis that could use surgery.  The county's only option was to put her down or take her back to the shelter.  No chip or owner could be found. Fortunately, Midwest BREW stepped in to help!

Katie was taken to one of our partner vets for analysis.  The plan is for Katie to have surgery today (8/30/2022) where a plate will be placed to help the broken pelvis.  Katie will be at the vet hospital until Saturday and then moved to a foster home where she will spend time recovering.

Please consider making a donation to help us offset the cost of her medical care. As always, your generosity is highly appreciated.

Please click on the “Sponsor Me!” button to make a contribution.  

We thank you in advance for your help.