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Gender: Male Age: 10 years - AARB Status: Adopted

Hi there, I am Jimmie! I came into the rescue as a stray and am approximately 10-11 years old. I don't act like a senior at all! I love to take walks, ride in the car, and go to the dog park! I am very social and gentle and I love people and children; I am not a fence digger or jumper and I am housebroken! The only negative, if I have to have one, is that when I got to the shelter I was missing fur all around my neck. It may not grow back but it is not an issue health-wise. The vet doesn't think it is allergies but could have been a long ago flea/tick infestation.  I am eating really healthy food now and taking oatmeal baths so despite this one area, my skin is in good condition overall!

I really love my foster siblings, so it is thought that perhaps I would do best in a home with another dog. I am living with a cat as well, and have shown no interest in her once I figured out what she was! Many things have been new to me along the way....when we walk on leash I stop and stare a lot – I get distracted by moving cars, other dogs, people walking, or just things on the ground that I want to sniff and explore. But I am very polite on leash and do not pull or freak out at unknown things. In fact, I am not a “Nervous Nelly” at all, except when it thunders, but that is only a small reaction of not wanting to go in the yard if a thunderstorm is coming! I know how to sit and how to "go to my place" (any bed nearby can be my place).

At night I sleep in my foster family's bedroom, either in my crate or in their bed. I sleep through the night. I love my crate! So when they leave the house, I go to my crate willingly (with some treat bribery) and I don't fuss or mess in it. I haven't been given any privileges in the house yet since I love the crate.

I am very affectionate and love belly rubs. I make the sweetest little grunty noises when I am happy. I love to sit near you on the couch, but am also good hanging in my own bed in the same room. I am a good listener - sometimes I might try to get near someone's snack if they aren't finished yet, but I will stay away when I am told. 

If you are an approved adopter, please ask your adoption counselor about me! And if not, please put in an application! I look forward to meeting you soon!!

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).