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Sugar Cane* Popular Special Medical Needs
Gender: Female Age: 8 years - AARB Status: Sponsors Needed
Sponsored By:
Robin and Jim VanderRoest.

UPDATE 05/27/23:  Sugar Cane had her radiographs taken and fortunately they did not show any bone damage. For the time being, the veterinarian wants to proceed as we’re doing (rest, meds, and laser therapy).  If Sugar does not improve with this protocol, the next step is a MRI. 

Sugar is in good spirits but still favoring She says that for further diagnosis, we’d need to do something like an mri.  Sugar is doing better, but still favoring a leg.  

Thank you to all our supporters for your donations.  Sugar sends a big thank-you "arooooo"!

If you would like to contribute towards her treatment, please click on "Sponsor Me!" to make a donation.

We appreciate your generosity.


Sugar Cane is an 8-year-old sweet girl that came into the program after her owner passed away.  Sugar has been having some neck problems and lameness and the veterinarian suspects Cervical Disc Disease / Intervertebral Disc Disease.  He is recommending sedated X-rays (necessary to decrease tension during manipulation), laser therapy, and long round of medications and rest. 

As you can imagine, the diagnostic testing and treatment are expensive to say the least and once again we appeal to your generosity.

Please consider making a donation towards Sugar's medical expenses. We can only provide her with the care she needs thanks to you!  Every cent counts.  The amount is unimportant.

Thank you for helping us help Sugar Cane get on her way to find a furever home.