What you need to know

Our Senior Beagle Program:
Amazing Assortment of Retired Beagles (AARB)

You don’t need a card to join our club and we can’t offer you a free quote on car insurance, but we can introduce you to our AARBs. What’s so great about this group of beagles? Read on…

These guys aren’t retired from life but are retired from chewing your shoes and couch and leaving wet spots on your carpet. They don’t need lots of exercise or training. Instead of dreaming of landing the lead role in the next Underdog movie, they’re content to sit on the couch with you and a bowl of popcorn and watch the latest adventure flick.

Unfortunately, these hidden gems are often overlooked by people searching for younger, prettier faces. They have so much to offer and only ask for regular meals, a warm, comfy place to sleep, and a gentle hand. They’re at the time of life where they know who they are and you know who they are. They’re comfortable in their own fur and have nothing to prove. They don’t care how old you are; does it matter how old they are? Like everyone else, when they get up in the morning, they have the rest of their lives ahead of them.

If you’re looking for a new companion, consider giving one of them a chance. They’ll be eternally grateful, and you won’t be disappointed.

Beagles that are 8 years and older are part of our AARB Program. The adoption fee for our AARB beagles is $225.

If you want to know more about adopting or fostering a senior beagle from Midwest BREW, please contact us. We always have homeless seniors available, and the love that you will receive in return is priceless. These beagles deserve a second chance. Please consider a senior beagle for adoption today!

The Love of a Senior Beagle

Senior beagles—those who have grown up past puppyhood, through their middle years, and who may move a little slower or more deliberately than their younger friends—are a wonderful gift to those lucky enough to know them. Senior beagles come in a variety of ages and speeds; they may be sedate 8 year olds or puppyish 15 year olds. They may be peppy, tired, toy-crazy, walk-happy, cuddly, lonely, ball-obsessed, or glued to your side, reveling in your company, cuddled up on the couch. They may be any or all of these things; they can be a joy to know.

Senior beagles may come from any of a number of situations.

They may have been excellent hunters, valuable members of a rabbit-hunting pack who have grown too tired, too slow, or just not motivated to chase bunnies all day long anymore. They may have been backyard beagles whose person moved away or just got tired of feeding another mouth. They may have found themselves homeless when their elderly caregiver was taken to a nursing home. Or they may have been beloved family companions, chosen along with a first apartment and first job after college, who were put aside after a marriage or the arrival of a new baby.

Senior beagles can be ideal companions.

After all, they didn’t get to become old beagles because they were hard to live with! They have all survived puppyhood and adolescence, grown out of their destructive/chewy/barky/impossible phases, learned at least basic obedience (or avoidance) techniques, and developed some degree of self-reliance. Most of them have learned to love, to be someone’s trusted companion and friend, to cuddle with children, and to be part of a family. The others – well, don’t they deserve to know love in their last years?

Many senior beagles who have never known love end up in shelters.

They are the sad, timid boys in the back corner, or the breeding moms whose bellies are all stretched out after having litter after litter and then tossed away when their breeding years are over. They aren’t cute little puppies and they are rarely snatched up from the shelter, as there are so many adorable young ones begging for attention in the next cage. And yet, they are the lucky ones. Many of their friends were shot or abandoned when no longer useful.

Midwest BREW rescues senior beagles from shelters whenever possible.

The senior beagles are vetted to recieve appropiate care and placed in a loving foster home. They are given premium food, fresh water, soft beds, and affection on their own terms whenever they are ready for it. And the beagles are grateful. The bond between one of these rescued seniors and their forever family can be strong, loving, and inspiring.