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Adoption Requirements

The following are Midwest BREW’s policies that are required of all adopters. Please read them carefully, and be sure that you are willing to agree to them before completing our adoption application:

  • Adopters will allow for a minimum of 45 days adjustment period for the beagle to adjust to its new environment and family.
  • Beagles will be placed with adults to be kept as companion animals. They are to be accepted as family members, be kept indoors, receive proper nourishment/exercise, medical care, and attention. Continuous outdoor confinement in doghouses, pens, and runs is unacceptable.
  • We discourage the adoption of puppies to homes with children under the age of 6 because of the nipping and chewing tendencies of puppies.
  • We will not place puppies under the age of 6 months into homes if no one is home during the day. It is cruel and inhumane to leave puppies home for long periods of time unattended. If you are considering a puppy and are away from home for more than 4 hours at a time, you will need to make arrangements with a dog walker. Exceptions will be taken into consideration.
  • Renters should verify pet policies. Many landlords require additional non-refundable fees for pets. Beagles are known for their “Aroo”; renters will be limited on their selection of potential beagles to those known to be quiet/good for apartment living. Exceptions will be taken into consideration. Your landlord will be contacted to verify pet policies.
  • A fenced yard is ideal for all dogs but not a requirement for adoption. This protects the dog from roaming and owners from liability their loose animal may cause. Dogs should never be left unattended in a yard. Chaining is not acceptable. Dogs will not be placed in homes where they will be allowed to run at large. Beagles must remain leashed at all times while outside, except in a secure, fenced-in area. An invisible fence may not qualify as adequate containment for a beagle but will be handled on a case by case basis. A Midwest BREW representative will visit your residence to confirm proper confinement requirements.
  • Adopters must be at least 21 years of age. All adults in the household must agree to the selection of the chosen beagle, including parents, relatives, roommates, etc.
  • Beagles cannot be adopted as gifts. Beagles shall not be given away or sold to another individual. They must be returned to Midwest BREW if the adopter can no longer care for the beagle properly.
  • All beagles must have collars with owner identification tags, rabies vaccination tag, Midwest BREW ID tag, and license tags. If your beagle is lost, a tag may be the only way to have them returned to you.
  • Currently owned animals should be up-to-date on vaccinations and heartworm testing. All dogs and cats in the home must be spayed or neutered unless there is a medical reason. Your veterinarian will be contacted to verify your pet’s health record.

Adoption Process

  1. Please read our Adoption Requirements before submitting an application. These standards include specific guidelines for puppies and rental homes. If you agree to our requirements and feel a rescue beagle is a good fit to your lifestyle, proceed with the application. Filling out an application or going through the screening process is not an automatic approval for adoption.
  2. Complete an Adoption Application.
  3. Once we receive the application, you will be assigned an Adoption Counselor (AC). Your AC will contact your veterinarian (if appropriate) to ensure current or recently deceased pets were well taken care of and spayed or neutered. Please contact your veterinarian, and give the staff permission to release your pet’s information to Midwest BREW. If you have a landlord, they will be called to make sure that pets are allowed in your home. After this information is verified, your AC will contact you via phone or email to schedule a time to discuss your application, rescued beagles in general, and our re-homing program.
  4. When your references and phone interview are completed successfully, a Home Visit will be scheduled with a volunteer. All family members and/or people in the household who will be a part of your new beagle’s life need to be present for the Home Visit.
  5. After completion of our screening process, all information gathered will be reviewed and shared with our foster homes. Our adoption process helps us determine what beagle(s) would be a good match for your family/lifestyle. We rely on our foster families to have the best knowledge of the dog(s) in their care and their assessment of the potential match is necessary before an adoption can take place.
  6. If approved, you will receive an approval letter via email with an assortment of beagles that may be a good match to your home (including those you expressed an interest in, if a good match) and put you in touch with the foster family that has the beagle(s). You will be able to discuss in further detail each beagle’s needs and disposition to make an educated decision to this lifelong commitment.
  7. The entire adoption process could take up to two to three weeks. Please remember that all Midwest BREW’s volunteers have other jobs and families that require their attention, so please be patient with us. Midwest BREW has been very successful with this adoption process and look forward to helping you find the right beagle for your family!

Completing the application does not obligate you to adopt from Midwest BREW nor does it guarantee that Midwest BREW will be able to adopt a beagle to you. If at any time you want to stop the process, please let your AC know.

Ok, So I Adopted a Midwest BREW Beagle

Congratulations, you are part of the family! Our volunteers are here to support you after the adoption. If you are in need of obedience training, classes, or behaviorists, Midwest BREW will give you suggestions. Your beagle’s foster home is another great resource since they have had hands-on experience with your beagle’s temperament and behavior while in their home.

If something occurs in the future that requires the return of your Midwest BREW beagle, you are required to return the beagle to us.

Adoption Fee

Any beagle adopted on or after February 1, 2022:

Under 6 months: $325
6 months to 7 years: $300
8 years and older (AARB): $225

What’s Covered in the Adoption Fee?

People often want to know why we charge an adoption fee. Below is what’s included in the cost.

For Adult Beagles:

  • Spay/Neuter
  • Boarding/Food (while being spayed/neutered)
  • Rabies
  • 4DX Heartworm Test
  • Fecal Test and Treatment (if needed)
  • Microchip Implant (for ID purposes)
  • Any treatment deemed necessary by our vet

For Beagle Puppies:

  • Shots, until time of adoption
  • Deworming, until time of adoption
  • Spay/Neuter at 8 to 12 weeks *
  • Microchip Implant (for ID purposes)

As you can see, our adoption fee covers a number of costs. Your dog will be covered for all the necessary inoculations for the first year. We will send you copies of all paperwork related to any service provided to your beagle.

* Puppies that cannot be spayed/neutered at 8-12 weeks may have the procedure done by one of our authorized veterinarians at an appropriate age, or you may elect to use your own vet (at your own expense). Puppies will have all shots/treatments suitable for their age.

Previous Midwest BREW Adopters

Welcome Back!

Please fill out the Adoption Application, then one of our volunteers will be in contact with you.  Before submitting an application, please review our Adoption Requirements listed above as they may have changed since you last adopted.

Policy Regarding Non-Discrimination for Applicants Who Have Disabilities


All animals deserve safe and loving homes where they are welcomed as a family member. All people, including those with disabilities, have the potential to provide and care for animals with unique and varied needs, and should have full and equal opportunity to adopt animals. It is therefore Midwest BREW’s policy to ensure people who have disabilities (or are members of any other category protected by state or federal law) are not discriminated against on the basis of their protected characteristics.

When evaluating whether to approve an applicant’s request to adopt, and an applicant’s choice of a specific animal, Midwest BREW does not require persons who have disabilities to meet standards or criteria different from those applied to persons who do not have disabilities. Midwest BREW does not assume that a person who has a disability has any limitations based on generalizations, stereotypes, speculation, or subjective beliefs. Midwest BREW conducts individualized assessments of each applicant’s present ability to meet the adoption qualifications and criteria. The same criteria is applied to applicants regardless of disability (or any other protected basis). When evaluating whether to approve an applicant’s request to adopt or their choice of a specific animal, Midwest BREW inquires generally about a person’s (or family’s) ability to perform animal care functions, including functions that may be unique to a particular animal’s needs. These inquiries are not made to single out any particular applicant, but are inquiries made to anyone seeking to adopt, regardless of disability or other protected characteristic. There are circumstances, depending on the specific needs of a pet, where an inability to perform certain animal care functions will result in a lawful denial of an application. It is essential that Midwest BREW receives complete, accurate information about the specifics and environment of applicant households in the adoption application, for the sole purpose of assessing and selecting the most appropriate homes for the individual needs of animals under our care. If an applicant is unable to meet any qualifications or criteria on their own, but can do so through the assistance of others, Midwest BREW will consider that assistance in its assessment. The potential assistance of others will not automatically result in satisfying the criteria for a given animal but is a factor that will be considered in an effort to meet the needs of both the applicant and the particular animal.

Beagle Spotlight


Before You Adopt

Please consider your decision to adopt very carefully. You and your family need to be prepared and willing to make a lifelong commitment to your new beagle. There will be an adjustment period for you and the beagle. The transition period may be a very stressful time for you both. Some animals will adjust very quickly, whereas for others, it may take several weeks. Our volunteers are always available to help you with any transitional issues that might occur.

Adopting A Beagle

Thank you so much for considering adopting a rescued beagle! You are to be commended for seeking out a rescue. We are always available to help with your Midwest BREW beagle, and we provide a support system for you on future issues or concerns that might occur. If you are located outside of our service area, you can find a beagle rescue in your area here. If you are having difficulties locating a rescue, email our Director of Adoptions, and she will provide you with some suggestions.