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Gender: Female Age: 12 years - AARB Status: Adopted
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Jennie Vinelli: In memory of my Annie the beagle, who crossed the rainbow bridge on 12/10.

Well the Santa letter didn't pan out for me but I know my forever home is out there.  Foster Mom and Dad tell me I just need to be patient.

In the meantime I'm hanging out in my foster home with my foster sister.  She is okay and I play with her a little but she is too rough and I would prefer some human company over another dog.  Let me tell you what 'a day in the life is Lena' is like.

I like to sleep in and you may have to wake me up in the morning.  I would like to sleep in the bed next to you (I'm only 17 pounds) but I have no problem sleeping in my bed on the floor, you just need to tell me to go to bed.  Foster dad lets me out in the morning in the fenced yard and I go right out, do my thing and come right back.  I have my spot in the yard but I do potty on a leash too.  I am house trained and I will come find you in a bit of a panic when I need to be let out.

When I come inside, I am really excited for breakfast and will do my little bouncy dance.  Foster dad tells me to go to my crate and in I hop and wait for my breakfast.  When I'm done eating I play with my tennis ball for a little bit.  Then it is off to bed again, to nap while my foster family gets ready for work.

When the foster family goes to work I hang out in my crate.  I didn't like it at first but I have adjusted.  My new home should know it will take me little time to adjust to my new surroundings and I may be upset when I first arrive in my new home.  I just need to be sure you are coming back and I won't be in my crate forever. 

Sometimes when my family will be gone a long time I get to go to this really neat place called Camp Bow Wow.  They take great care of me and I get to hang out with other beagles and get attention during the day.  Best part is the car ride there and back, I really like car rides and prefer to sit on the backseat ledge of the car where I can see out all the windows.

When my foster family comes home, I do the potty and dinner thing.  Then it is play time!  I love to play fetch and my new family must be willing to throw my tennis ball around.  I like other toys but tennis balls are my favorite.  I could play for hours but after a bit, I am more than happy to sit down and cuddle on the couch.  In fact, if you don't want me on the couch, we will need to work on that.  I keep sneaking up on the couch and foster Mom and Dad tell me No.

This past weekend I had a really special day. I got to visit my foster family’s 3-yr-old niece and she was so much fun.  She was more my height but she had trouble throwing my tennis ball very far.  She hugged me and played with me.  Foster Mom and Dad were really proud of me. I hung in there like a champ with the wild and crazy kid.

Well that is about it, I hope my new home finds me soon!

Other Lena notes: Lena does have some skin allergies that she is currently on medication.  She came into the program with a flea allergy and has some patches of fur on her tail that may never fully grow back.  The Vet felt the allergy is flea related and may be able to be taken off the medication once the reaction if under control but that is not a guarantee.

Lena has shown that she can climb baby gates and should be monitored if outside in a chain linked fenced area. She is a crafty veteran and uses her size to her advantage.

Lena does have some missing and worn down teeth in addition to one cracked tooth, likely from being left in a crate too long in her younger days.  The Vet looked them and had suggested that no action is needed right now since the teeth are not bothering her.  This issue gives her no trouble on a day to day basis just something to monitor.  The missing teeth give her a bit of a funny look and her tongue will hang out the front of her mouth sometimes