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Sadie * Popular Good with DogsGood with CatsWorking on HousetrainingCrate TrainedHigh Energy
Gender: Female Age: 1 - 2 years Status: Adopted

My name is Sadie and I’m quite the lady. I’m 21 months old, very cute and can’t wait to jump in your arms! I can be a little skittish at first, but my curiosity ultimately overcomes my nerves, and I just have to check things out. I’m a very petite lady at 15 pounds. But make no mistake, I may be tiny, but I’m mighty; I run fast and jump high!

I have two foster Beagle siblings, whom I love very much. Since I grew up in a kennel, they are showing me the ropes of home life. We run and play in the back yard and I like to tumble around with foster brother. I’m learning so quickly! My foster brother and sister are great teachers. We’re still working on house training. My foster mom watches me closely to pick up my signals to send me outdoors. I’m sure I’ll learn quickly at your house. I do so much better each day. Did I say I’m very smart too?

I have two foster feline siblings. I follow and sniff them because I’m friendly but they just ignore me. So if you have cats, we should get along just fine.

My foster parents say I’m sweet, loving and good natured. I have a lot of energy and love to run so please have a fenced yard for me and take me on walks. No invisible fences please. I’m crate trained but don’t want to spend too much time in there. Remember I spent 21 months of my life in a crate. I’m a good girl ready for freedom. I would like to have a brother or sister to play with in my forever home. I can get along with anyone and have fun doing it. I have so much love to give.

I’m a real chow-hound so you will need to keep food put away off the counter and table. I’m very quick so could grab your sandwich in the blink of any eye. Of course all beagles are chow-hounds!

I sleep with my brother and sister at night on a special futon my mom made just for us! I sleep through the night and get up to go outside in the morning with my brother and sister. Then we have breakfast (one of my favorite parts of the day)! My foster parents feed me twice a day (Midwest BREW recommendation) and I get a peanut butter/pumpkin stuffed frozen kong for dessert after evening meal. I love that kong and usually chew on it for a while. Then I go find doggy toys to keep busy and play tug-of-war with my foster mom and dad.

I would love to meet you very soon.

Love, Sadie