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Home Our Dogs Adopted John Wayne
John Wayne Popular Good with DogsPotties on a leashWorking on HousetrainingCrate TrainedSpecial Medical NeedsLikes to ride in the carNeeds a fenced yard
Gender: Male Age: 5 years Status: Adopted
Sponsored By:
Mary Blake: Making a donation for John Wayne as requested in your Facebook post. Sending prayers for him to get healthy and find the perfect forever family. Thank you for helping him and so many other Beagles. Kathy Moss: I have a hound, Piper Grace that has gone through heartworm treatment twice and is now heartworm NEGATIVE!! My heart goes out to John Wayne and I want a to pay our good fortune forward by helping with his heartworm treatment in honor of my spunky girl!! I am praying for this precious guy that he will be better soon!

My name is John Wayne but you can call me Johnny.  I am about 5 years old, ruggedly handsome and as loving as they come.  I recently found myself in a shelter and I sure didn't like it there.  You see, I am completely blind and boy was that a scary place.   Midwest BREW saved me and my foster Mom is in awe of how quickly I adapt to my surroundings. I may run into a thing or two but I'll only do it once and then I know my way.

I have seen a specialist and my blindness is hereditary.   My foster Mom claps a lot to tell me where she is and boy does she talk lots and tell me I'm a good boy.  I pee a lot to mark the yard so I know my way around better and sometimes I do this is in the house too.  I'm working on it and I don't mind a belly band.  I prefer to run around the yard or lie in the sun during the day in my own fenced yard and I prefer my kennel at night.

I get along well with other dogs so much that I like to kiss them constantly.  It's kind of an obsession and they don't really like it so I would do best being your only dog. I love hugs and cuddling and long rides in the car.  Since my eyes don't work my nose is my superpower!  I am a fairly tall boy who weighs 40 pounds and I can reach anything I want.  

My foster Mom kennels me or lets me play outside while she cooks so I stay safe!  I just completed heartworm treatment a few weeks ago so you'll have to be vigilant about my heartworm prevention forever!  I am looking for a loving family to adopt especially if you're home most of the time!  

If you think I would love you my Foster Mom would be happy to tell you all about how wonderful I am!

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).