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Gender: Male Age: 8 years - AARB Status: Available
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Steven Scholze: Thank you for everything you do for these beautiful souls. Sarah Curtis: Here's to feeling better little man! John and Penny Quirk.

Hi! I’m Kenny! I am 8 years old and before I came to Midwest BREW I was a breeder pup. When my breeding years came to an end I was given to a shelter, where I tested positive for heartworms. Thankfully, Midwest BREW stepped in and helped me get the treatment I needed, and now I am all better! Treatment wasn’t very fun and I wasn’t allowed to run around or go for walks. But now that I’m better I get to go on walks EVERY DAY!!!! Walks are the best part of the day. I love to say hi to everyone I pass on my walks—I just KNOW everyone wants to be my friend!

My foster mom says I have more manners and I’m better socialized than your average breeder dog. I get along great with the other dogs in my foster home and I am REALLY submissive. If you come up to pat me, odds are I’ll just flop over on my back and wag my tail at you. I have a cute little grin, too! Foster dad says I should let you know that house training has been kind of a struggle for me. I mostly have the hang of it now, but I do still have accidents sometimes. I will probably backslide as I get used to a new house and a new routine, but if you keep my routine really consistent I promise I’ll try hard to learn it!

Other than that I am a pretty low-maintenance, medium-energy guy. I really, really, really want to please my humans! I love pets, cuddles, and giving kisses, but I also understand if you need your space. I have a very beagle-y arooooooo that I love to let loose at the beginnings of walks or when foster mom or dad let me into the backyard to run around. Other than that I’m pretty quiet. I don’t ever bark out of the window, even when the other dogs here do. I’m a little mischievous, especially for a middle-aged pup, but I’ll listen if you tell me to “drop it” or stop what I’m doing. Now that I’m done with heartworm treatment I have a clean bill of health and I’m ready to find my forever home!

If I sound like beagle for you, let Midwest BREW know and they’ll put you in touch with my foster mom! I can’t wait to join your family!!

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).