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Home Our Dogs Adopted Molly Brown *
Molly Brown * Popular Good with DogsGood with CatsHousetrainedGood  for ApartmentsLikes to ride in the carCouch Potato
Gender: Female Age: 9 years - AARB Status: Adopted

Molly Brown came to us as overweight owner surrender foster. It has taken about 3 weeks and a loss of 3 pounds to see her amazing personality emerge. She is a 9 year old senior currently weighing   37.7 pounds. We are working on her diet to get her to her ideal weight of 35 pounds. She has a beautiful smile that lights up her face and she loves to be petted.

She gets along very well with our own 3 beagles, even attempting to run in the yard with them, although, like our 8 year old, she slows down pretty fast! She loves being outside in our fenced yard with her nose to the ground and only occasionally letting out her deep bay when she discovers another scent. She also plays in the house with our resident 8 year old alpha and they get along very well. She has just started tossing a toy around which has pleased me because at first it appeared she didn’t know what a toy was. She continues to come out of her shell every day and I love seeing that.

We have a cat which mostly lives in the basement and Molly Brown seems indifferent to the cat so I don’t think a cat in the house would be an issue. She is housetrained, although being new to the house she has had a couple accidents overnight. She will go to the door if she wants out but in the evening she becomes a couch potato and has to be encouraged to go outside for last potty call. It is funny to watch because the look on her face is ‘Really? I just want to sleep’.

She walks pretty well on leash but is stubborn if you want to go a different direction than her. I walk her with our 8 year old to help her learn better leash skills. She doesn’t pull at all unless you want to go a different way, and then the brakes come on but she is getting much better! All of our dogs get small treats 2-3 times a day and she lines up with the rest of them, sits very nicely and takes treats gently.

Molly Brown would do well in an apartment setting because she rarely barks and is more of a couch potato, but she also loves to be outside and would need plenty of walks and visits to the dog park to keep her active. In a house setting she would really do better with a fenced yard only to be able to explore because she has never been on a tie out. She would need to continue on a diet due to her tendency to gain weight. She would be okay as an only dog although another dog would be ideal for companionship.

She is such a sweet girl whom we absolutely love and our hope is for her to find that perfect forever home.

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).