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Zipper * Popular Good with DogsHousetrainedCrate TrainedLikes to ride in the car
Gender: Male Age: 3 - 4 years Status: Available

“Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Zip-a-Dee-A, my oh my, what a wonderful day…..”

Yup. That’s my motto, and guess what, my name is Zipper, so it’s quite fitting! I am probably 3-4 years old and a loveable, tail-wagging, happy, well-behaved, cuddly, kissy, soft, smart, playful, fun……shall I go on?......awesome beagle mix!!! Mix, you say?? Well, because I am rather short in stature and longer bodied, along with shorter ears, there’s a good chance that I am mixed with dachshund. Don’t let that fool you though, I have an adorable beagle howl, according to my foster mom! I usually use it to get my foster beagle brother’s attention, so that he’ll play with me! I love playing with my foster brother, so a playmate would be nice, but not completely necessary as long as there’s someone around to give me attention.

I seem to really REALLY love attention, though I am not a pest, but would make an awesome companion to someone who doesn’t mind petting me, rubbing my tummy and cuddling every now and then! I’m a bit of a shadow to my foster mom, so it would be nice if I wasn’t left for long lonely days. I am loving the good life of living indoors and I completely appreciate attention and human touch! I also enjoy toys, treats, meal times, walks, belly-rubs and naptime! I sleep all night in a crate and go in there when my foster family is gone for a while. I don’t mind it at all, especially if I get a Kong with some treats in it!!

My former life wasn’t the best for me, as I was not fed well and was only 12 lbs. when Midwest BREW took me in. I am up to 18 lbs. and am a happy-go-lucky little boy. My foster mom calls me “cutie-patootie” often! I love people of all ages and sizes! I like other dogs, as I have two foster brothers (one is huge!!) and a foster sister. When I meet other dogs on our walks, I sometimes act tough, but if they are nice and foster mom tells me that they are our friends, I get to go up to them, and most of the time, I just wag my tail and say “hi” in a friendly way! Foster mom says that I am the best walker she has had as a foster! Sometimes, I get busy sniffing or “marking” poles and trees, and that holds us up, but for the most part, I walk very well! We take at least two walks a day, and I LOVE it!!

When I first got here, I thought I should mark inside the house, but all it took was foster mom saying “no” or clearing her throat a couple of times, and I didn’t do it. Now I am fully trusted and I go out the doggy door when I need to go. I do respond to the word “no” very well and try very hard to please! I respond very well to my name and come when called.

I am certain that a little “Zipper” in your family would give you lots of “wonderful days”! I take nothing for granted and would love you to the moon and back!!

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).