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The top 12 photos will be featured as one of the twelve month and a photo of each beagle that is entered into the contest will be included in the calendar somewhere.

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Voting ends promptly at 8pm

Totals will be posted at 6, 7, and 8pm Central Time

The voting process for the Midwest BREW 2024 Calendar Photo contest has begun. Voting requires a monetary donation to Midwest BREW, through PayPal, in the amount you choose. New: Minimum $5 per transaction (cart total).

To vote, click the “Vote for Me” button under the picture. $1.00 donation = 1 vote. You may vote for multiple dogs and they will be added to your cart so you can pay all at once. You can set the number of votes once you are on your cart page. Please encourage your family and friends to go to our web site to vote for your favorite picture.  Vote early and often!

We will be posting the total votes for all pictures nightly, beginning on September 24, 2023 on the Calendar Daily Totals page. NEW: At the bottom of each dogs listing is a LIVE vote count based on completed transactions but may not reflect refunds. The official vote counts will be shown on the Calendar Daily Totals page.

The voting will end promptly at 8:00pm Central Time on Satuday October 7, 2023. The official winners will be announced once the votes have been verified. The pictures with 12 highest votes will secure a picture on one of the 12 months and placement will be at the discretion of the Calendar Committee. In the event of a tie, an independent judge will make the determination of the winning picture. The cover photo will be chosen from all the pictures submitted and selection will be made by the calendar designer and the President. There will be space designated for smaller pictures to complete our calendar.

In addition to the 12 winning pictures, eight of the other pictures that have received at least 1 vote will be selected via a random drawing and placed in the center of the calendar as honorable mention photos.

We encourage you to have fun with the voting process, and remember your dollars go to support the Beagles. Your votes are tax deductible as Midwest BREW is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Thank you for participating!!


  • Add the dogs you want to vote for by clicking on Vote for Me button.
  • When you are ready to check out, click on either View Cart or Update Cart buttons.
  • You will set the number of votes you want to submit while in the cart.
  • If you receive a 404 error, just refresh your browser window.
  • There are 244 entries over four pages, to go to another page of entries, click on the numbers next to the Voting Page (on either the top or bottom of the photos).
  • Refresh this page often to get the most current vote totals.
  • If you encounter technical problems voting contact with your OS, Browser, and a description of the issue.

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Hazel and Griffin

Votes 149

Lita 1

Votes 10

Lita 2

Votes 7

Lita 3

Votes 14


Votes 8

Lilly Loyo 1

Votes 10

Lilly Loyo 2

Votes 15

Max 1

Votes 14

Bailey and Val

Votes 23

Bailey 1

Votes 26


Votes 22


Votes 7


Votes 14


Votes 15

Sugar Bear

Votes 14


Votes 11


Votes 66

Marlie Olsson

Votes 96

Han Solo 1

Votes 6

Han Solo 2

Votes 5

Luke Skywalker

Votes 6


Votes 80

Barry 1

Votes 12

Ben and Maggie

Votes 106


Votes 34


Votes 50

Trey 1

Votes 27

Trey 2

Votes 41

Trey 3

Votes 45


Votes 41

Nellie McCarty

Votes 5


Votes 6


Votes 75


Votes 1120


Votes 14

Macey 1

Votes 130

Blossom 1

Votes 128

Macey 2

Votes 4

Blossom 2

Votes 3


Votes 27

Zoey 4

Votes 6

Stanley Kelly

Votes 5

Norman and Maggie

Votes 6


Votes 6


Votes 4

Sally 1

Votes 10

Sally 2

Votes 8

Sally 3

Votes 7

Sally 4

Votes 18

Lily Belle 1

Votes 14

Lily Belle 2

Votes 22

Lucy and Felix

Votes 383


Votes 53

Rory and Louie 1

Votes 14

Rory and Louie 2

Votes 7

Rory and Louie 3

Votes 74

Rory and Louie 4

Votes 203

Sheldon 1

Votes 17

Sheldon 2

Votes 19


Votes 16

* Vote totals are current

Voting Page 1  2  3  4