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Jerrod and Heather Holley                                                                                                                                                            Lia

In early February of 2015, our family decided that we would like to adopt a fourth beagle. We had three beagles at that time, Lucky, 15 years old, Jazzy, 7 years old, and Wrigley, 2 years old. I had recently become a volunteer for Midwest BREW and our family started going through the adoption process.

A few weeks into the adoption process, we lost our 15 year old beagle, Lucky. We were hoping that he would live long enough to integrate the newest beagle into the pack. Our hearts were broken and our other two remaining beagles were depressed from the loss of Lucky.  During the adoption process, I was fortunate enough to meet Liara because Liara’s foster mom is the Indiana events coordinator for Midwest BREW and I volunteer for her region.  My husband met Liara, she put her paw on him, looked into his eyes, and it was a done deal.

We adopted Liara, now Lia, on February 21, 2015. Lia is the most amazing beagle. Ever. She licks so hard and so much because she has so much love in her heart. She is goofy and kooky. She makes the goofiest snorkel and singing sounds that crack our family up. She is basically a beagle comedian. She listens well. She knows commands and tricks. She has this move when she doesn’t want to do something she pulls this awesome “slug” move and is pretty much dead weight. We just laugh, pick her, up, and off she goes. She loves being outdoors. We have a fenced in yard that she and her beagle siblings play in. We love to take them to the local dog park, too! She totally loves running with the big dogs at the dog park. She is a perfect match for our 2 year old lemon beagle, Wrigley. Wrigley and Lia have bonded unbelievably. They are inseparable. Jazzy and Lia are close girlfriends and we even have spa days just us three girls. 

I truly believe that Lucky sent Lia to us. She is an angel. We could not imagine our lives without her sweet face in it. Lia was waiting for us. Our family can never thank certain people (who just knew she was right for us) and Midwest BREW enough for bringing our Lia into our lives.