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Gracie 2016My husband and I adopted a Beagle from Midwest BREW in November 2009. Her name at the time was CeCe, but we changed it to Gracie. She was about 2 years old. She was the sweetest dog we have ever known. She was very affectionate and loved being in our laps, but she could also be very stubborn and not listen. Beagles, right?? She was also food and nap motivated.

Gracie accompanied us on many camping trips over the last 12 years. On many occasions we were asked if she was a young dog as she was petite and weighed in at 17 pounds.

Her foster parents said she was a very fast runner. We witnessed this speed when we would play tag in the yard. She truly enjoyed playing tag. Once while chasing a squirrel she tore her ACL. Surgery fixed that but we wouldn’t let her chase squirrels any more.

Gracie also enjoyed her walks through the neighborhood. On several occasions we would let her play with other dogs at a local pet day care.

On the first Saturday of each month she would howl at the warning sirens that the city would sound for testing. The first time took us by surprise, but then we looked forward to it each month.

Gracie had a good home with us and was loved by the entire family. She was always excited to see anyone that would come by and would wait anxiously for her ‘belly rub’.

In June 2019 Gracie was diagnosed with Kidney disease. We changed her diet to try to manage her condition. In August 2020 she was diagnosed with a tumor in her bladder. The vet put her on medication to slow the progression of the tumor.

Sadly, we had to put Gracie down on August 19, 2021 after months of some additional challenging health issues. Things took a serious turn when she had a major seizure in July. In the few days before she passed, she had a few more seizures and debilitated quickly. We knew she couldn’t go on like this, and had been through so much already.

Gracie may have been petite but she had a large presence in our home. We miss her terribly, and always will. Thank you Midwest BREW for giving us the gift of Gracie.

Jim & Kathy Cichowski