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waffleMy family and I adopted Waffle from Midwest BREW in September 2007. At the time she was around 2 years old and I was only 10 years old.

Being able to grow up with her was all that any little girl could hope for. She quickly became my best friend and stayed my best friend for over 14 years. She loved me beyond what I could ever imagine. She faithfully stayed by my side throughout my early 20’s, through all the apartment hopping, early mornings, long days, and graduating with my bachelor’s degree. She always made me feel safe, loved, and happy. She was the best big sibling to my cat Espresso and other dog Buster. She always knew exactly what each of us needed.

On April 4th, 2022 she crossed the rainbow bridge at 16 ½ years old. I am glad that all she ever knew from my family and I is love, from her first moment with us until her very last.

Buster, Espresso, and I will always love you sweet girl. Meet you at the bridge.

Kailyn Snodgrass