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Erika McQuade

Just wanted to drop you guys a line and let you know how wonderful Wanda Woo Woo has been for the McQuade family. She has certainly livened up Frank who had a massive stroke before Wanda came to live with us. She makes him smile and he talks to her for hours and keeps his mind off his pain. As for Arlene, she has enjoyed Wanda as a companion so much and has seen more of her neighbors of thirty years lately since she is getting out and about when she walks Wanda around the neighborhood! Wanda is loving her forever home because it is just that, FOREVER and everyone comes and goes but there is always someone there for her to snuggle with. She has gained one pound but that is not too bad considering Frank tries to sneak her a little piece of whatever he is eating. She travels in the car well and keeps Arlene and Frank company on their trips to and from the doctors. She has learned to sing and shows off her talent whenever anyone comes to visit and is willing to sing along with her. She also enjoys playing with her cousin Cooper (a 3 year old Beagle) and they run and play and tire each other out then settle on opposite ends of the couch to watch TV!

I hope this update finds you in good health and happiness, we are forever in debt to BREW Midwest for adding so much pleasure and happiness to all our lives by bringing Wanda to come live with us. Thank you so much.