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Rave * Good with DogsPotties on a leashShyHousetrainedCrate TrainedLikes to ride in the car
Gender: Female Age: 5 years Status: Adopted

Hello! My name is Rave, although I usually go by RaeRae! I am a beautiful little blue tick girl, weighing in at 20 pounds, about 5 years old, and a bundle of fun and energy! I am pretty well behaved; I am crate trained, house trained (although I had a few accidents when I first got to my foster home. I had to learn life without a doggy door!). I get along well with the other beagles in the house. When I get the chance, I love to run! Foster mom takes us to a big dog park, and I can cover ground faster than almost every other dog there. I also like long walks, and do pretty well on a leash and harness. I like to follow my nose though; I am all beagle! I do sit and wait nicely to get my harness and leash clipped on, and unclipped again when we get home. Foster Mom says I am very well mannered.

Why am I here as a rescue if I am such a great little beagle, you ask? Well, nobody is perfect, and I do have one major problem. We don’t really know what happened in my past, but it has made me very fearful of most men. Some guys I am ok with, but for 4 years my former family tried to help me adjust and I just couldn’t get past the distrust I have with men in the house. The humans have tried many conditioning exercises, and behaviorists, and trainers, but I still bark and growl whenever a man enters the room. If they try to approach me, I will run or cower, and growl from a distance. I don’t like the dad in my foster home either, although he feeds me and gives me treats; I just can’t bring myself to trust him. The minute he stops feeding me treats, I cower away and growl at him again. And when I bark, boy, do I howl! Foster mom says I sound like a fog horn!

As you can see, this can be very stressful and disruptive for a family, and for me. My former family decided it would be best for everyone for me to have a new home. One without a scary man in it! My foster mom thinks I would thrive in a house that is ladies only. I would like a home with some siblings to play with and snuggle with, but would do alright as an only dog also. I would also like a forever family that is active and likes lots of walks, or has a dog park near, where I can run to my heart’s content. Or both! I promise to keep you busy! I am also pretty good at entertaining myself. I love squeaky toys, and I toss them in the air, then chase them down again and catch them. Foster Mom calls me Goofy Girl!

So, as you can see, I’m a great catch for the right home; it’s just that the right home needs to be female only. Won’t you give me a chance?

Love, RaeRae

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).