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Lexi * Popular Good with DogsNeeds Another DogPotties on a leashShyHousetrainedCrate TrainedNeeds a fenced yardHigh Energy
Gender: Female Age: 8 months Status: Adopted

Hi my name is Lexi. I am 8 months old and a sweet petite little girl at 15 lbs. I came to my foster home with my brother, so I don’t know how I would be as an only dog. I am a bit shy when I first meet new people but just give me a few minutes and I will be showering you with lots of kisses. I have met a few kids in the park, and I do ok when they pet me and offer me treats.

I am proud to say that I am house trained, and I sleep well at night in my crate, curled up next to my brother. I get along great with other dogs and I don’t think I know what a cat is. But if they are anything like birds or those crazy squirrels I will have to chase them away. I love going for walks and my foster mom says that I am doing well in my harness, but I have to admit I do pull when I get the scent of something good. When I’m outside, barking dogs and loud noises do scare me a bit but with a little reassurance I just go on my merry way. Speaking of outside, I love love love being in the backyard, running and playing with my beagle brother. We do get a little carried away and one of us usually has to sit in a time out, but it’s not always my fault!

I tend to jump up when I get excited, but I am learning to sit nicely on command. Mom says I am a very smart girl; she sometimes calls me Nosey Rosie because I like to investigate everything. I am working hard on respecting boundaries especially when there is food around; after all I am a beagle! During the day I will relax on the couch right next to you or take a nap in my bed in front of the window. If you adopt me I will insist on my own blanket so I can build a nest to sleep on and bury my nose under. My foster mom and dad are retired so I very rarely get crated during the day, but when I do I whine then eventually I settle down to nap.

I don’t bark very often, but when I do, I have that famous AWWRRROOO! I love playing and biting my toys and chewing bully sticks.

Lexi’s foster mom says Lexi is the sweetest most loving girl. She has a delicate little face and expressive brown eyes. She is so smart and playful, she enjoys being with people and will just melt your heart.

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