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Buzz * Special Medical Needs
Gender: Male Age: 11 years - AARB Status: Sponsors Needed
Sponsored By:
Anonymous donation. Cynthia Morin: In memory of Olive. Heather Fabian. Jane Finley. Tammy Sultana: Wishing you a recovery Buzz. Send good vibes and prayers. Carolyn Wyller: Thank you for helping this sweet pup! Shayne Pepper: To help with the costs of his surgery for his back legs. Dolores Bender: To help with Buzz's surgery. Elizabeth Cash. Jane Weldon: Towards his medical expenses. Bless you all. Fran Callahan: Praying for good news about his legs. Erin Emmert. Ruth Minni: Good luck Buzz. Karen Ortolano. Brenda and Gary Chuslo: Stuart says you are in the best hands possible, Buzz (he should know). Good luck with your recovery. John and Lori Clancy: Please get this guy mobile again. I’m not able to walk right now and it’s not a pleasant feeling. I hope whoever shot this poor baby is held responsible. Antonella Scarpiello. Marsha Fenton. Debbie Roberts: Hope the surgery will help Buzz feeling better! Suellyn Rieckelman: Get well Buzz! Rick Griffith: Wishing you all the best and a successful surgery! Kathryn Ann Litten: Please get well, Buzz! In honor of my senior Beagle, Sammy. Elizabeth Cash. Mary Caldwell: Good luck on your surgery. Louise James and Penny, my beagle grand pups hope you are up and running soon. Lisa Kozej: Thank you for all you do for these dogs. Get well soon Buzz. Karen Liebmann: Hang in there, Buzz! Diana Blumhagen: In memory of Candie and Maggie. God Bless you Buzz, I pray you will be running around in no time.

UPDATE 9/19/20: Buzz is home from surgery and is doing great soo far!! He is moving his back legs a little bit and was wagging his tail the following day!! He is such a sweet and loving dog and knows how much everyone supports him. He really does deserve it, he is a great old man.

We have updated his profile picture with one taken right after surgery.

Please consider making a donation to help us with Buzz' expenses. Your generosity is appreciated.


UPDATE 9/16/20:  Buzz is having his surgery tomorrow!  Please keep him in your thoughts.

Your contribution towards his surgery and post-operative care is appreciated.

Please click on the "Sponsor Me!" button to make a donation.


UPDATE 9/7/20:  Buzz has several disc protrusions in his spine, as well as a cyst.  The orthopedic surgeon has recommended surgery to hopefully improve his condition.

Please consider making a donation towards the cost of his surgery. 

Your generosity is very much appreciated.


Buzz came into the Midwest BREW program unable to use his back legs. He has sores on his paws from dragging his rear end. 

X-rays show a number of pellets in his body, one of which is in the spinal area and hence preventing him from walking.

Buzz is currently in his foster home taking pain medications.  He is scheduled to have surgery to remove the pellet and hopefully restore the use of his legs.


We are only able to provide him with the required medical attention through your donations.


If you would like to  help us offset the cost of his treatment, please click on the “Sponsor Me!” button.


Donations are greatly appreciated!&a