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Home Our Dogs Adopted Princess Knox *
Princess Knox * Popular Good with DogsPotties on a leashWorking on HousetrainingLikes to ride in the carNeeds a fenced yardLikes to Dig
Gender: Female Age: 2 years Status: Adopted

Hi everyone! My name is Princess Knox, and I’m a super sweet and affectionate girl. I’m 25 pounds and 2 years old. Everyone who meets me says I am just the sweetest girl, because I’ll snuggle with anyone. I love being petted, snuggling, and playing and chasing my foster sister. I would play all day if I could! My foster home has a big fenced backyard with lots of squirrels, and I absolutely love running all around and trying to find them. I would love to have a forever home with a fenced in yard. My energy level is medium, so my forever family should be prepared to walk me every day or give me some other kind of playtime. I love toys, especially squeaky ones, and I’ll play fetch if you throw a ball for me!

I’m doing pretty well with my house training, but have had a couple accidents when I get too excited and am running around. I’m also a real athlete – I can get onto the kitchen table by getting onto the chairs. I’ve scored some good food that way, so my forever home will have to watch out for my counter surfing. I love to climb up onto wood piles, and I can also climb some trees! My forever family should keep an eye on me while I learn the ropes.

I’m doing great with my crate training! I go in there if my foster parents leave the house, which isn’t too often, but I just snuggle up and go to sleep. I’m also good in the car when we go on little trips.

At night, all I want is to be as close to my foster parents as I can in bed. I love to burrow under the covers when they’re not looking, and snuggle in for the night. They let me stay there because I’m so cute. I would love to be your snuggle buddy!

I’m curious and like to try to poke my head under fences, so I’ll need to supervised if you have a fence. If you don’t have a yard, I also potty well on the leash. I am pretty quiet, except for when my foster siblings start yelling at a squirrel outside the window, and then I let out the cutest little beagle “Arrrooooo!”

My foster parents think I would do well with another dog in my new home. I play with my foster sister a lot because she’s closer to my age, but I sometimes can get my 10 year old foster brother to join in! When I’m done, I’ll want to snuggle next to you on a blanket.

I sure do hope I find my forever home for New Years!

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