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Home Our Dogs Adopted Bridget *
Bridget * Popular Good with DogsGood with ChildrenHousetrainedCrate TrainedLikes to ride in the carNeeds a fenced yard
Gender: Female Age: 1 - 2 years Status: Adopted
Sponsored By:
Penny Sympson. Thomas Shanahan: Get well and heal quick sweet girl... Phyllys Smith. Holly Pozzi: Sending love to sweet Bridget and all the beagles. Anonymous donation. Janet Zigler. Ruth Minni: Get well soon! Steve Fogel: Hope this helps this sweet girl. Deborah Veyette: Sending prayers for this sweet baby. Ashley Bartkowiak. Virginia Ciaramella: Prayers for this baby's full recovery and a loving forever home. Molly Copeland: Wishing Bridget a full recovery and a wonderful forever home. Debbie Roberts: Wishing Bridget a speedy recovery! Anne Shelley. Cindy DeSota: Thank you for extending such amazing care for Bridget and her surgery expenses. Lauren Vosseller. Lindsay Samulak: Get better sweet girl! Monica & George Sawyn: We can’t afford a lot, but want to help as much as we can. Poor little Bridget! Lori Clancy: Get well soon! Page Wolf: I've met Bridget and she's so sweet! Mark Currier: Get well sweet Bridget! Ann Kafer: Praying for her full recovery! Ellen Galanis: Wishing you a speedy recovery Bridget. Drew Ahrens: Thank you to all that have helped Bridget. We hope she recovers quickly! Karen Myers: Get well, sweetie! Carolyn Wyller. Anonymous donation: Thanks for taking care of this sweet pup! Poor baby girl. Anonymous donation. Cathy Holmes. Linda Paxston. April Butler: Get well sweet girl. Glenda Olszowy: Your foster family will comfort you, little Bridget. Be well. Marsha Fenton. Anonymous donation. Lisa Canalia. Annie & Brandon Fridh: Swift healing, Bridget! Anonymous donation. Rosalee Trimble: Get well, little girl! You've been through a lot. Tammy Schakett. Fran Callahan: In memory of Shila Rose. David Boffa. Anonymous donation. Jessica Previch: In loving memory of Phyllis, a beagle girl born in Michigan who filled our lives with immeasurable happiness and joy for 13 years. Virginia Clemenko. Bruce Chipman: Get well sweet girl. Sue Brady: Praying for Bridget’s continued healing following surgery. And, whoever shot her, praying they have more of a conscience. Sad. Sue Bregar: Prayers for Bridget. Sue & Javier Serna: Wishing you a speedy recovery, mama. Maeve sends her kisses! Anonymous donation. Anonymous donation. Melissa Browning: Thank you so much for helping her! April Butler: Get well sweet girl! Keith Albrechtson: In memory of Sunny and Breezy. Missy & Dwight Osha: To help Bridget. Lynn Michaelis: For Poor little Bridget’s care. Thank you for saving her and helping her to get better. Linda Rice. Leigh Jacobson: To help with her surgery costs and treatment. Shelley Jean: Beautiful Bridget, I'm so grateful she's now surrounded by the love and care she deserves. We also wish to show our gratitude for our beautiful, newly adopted Ike. Thank you to Midwest BREW for making it all possible. Anonymous donation. Elizabeth Cash and family: My girl, you're approaching the home stretch. We can do this!! Tamela Harris: Get well soon!! Sally Flanagan: Hope you feel better soon.

Bridget has had a long road for such a young dog. Bridget came to Midwest BREW when a Good Samaritan found her in the woods, skinny and too weak to walk. Bridget got healthier, but she became pregnant, and the family could no longer care for her. Soon after she came to us, Bridget gave birth to eight beautiful, healthy babies on Thanksgiving Day.  Her health was on the uptick, but she still had two puncture wounds on her back that would not heal.  The vet tried antibiotics, a culture, and more antibiotics, no luck. After an x-ray, it was determined that she had been shot and shrapnel from the wound had lodged in her back causing infection. A difficult and delicate surgery was necessary. She was off the to the specialty vet, where it was determined that the infection was caused by two small bone fragments that came off the tips of her spine and remained in her back. The surgery for this was very intense, but in the end she did well, and the two horrendously infected bone fragments were retrieved. We were not done yet!  Bridget developed a serious post op infection and off to the ER she went.  MORE antibiotics and waiting for cultures.  The girl had her own pharmacy.  From that point on, months ago at this point, she has been a healthy and happy girl.  All through this from day one, Bridget has been amiable, friendly, and affectionate.  No one would ever believe the trauma this sweet girl has been through. 

Finally, we’re here to talk about next steps – Bridget’s forever home which she so richly deserves.  Although not mandatory, Bridget would do well in a house with other dogs, she has two playmates here and they are always on the go.  One caution, as easygoing and playful as Bridget is, she must be top dog. If she is challenged, she will not walk away.  Her foster canine pals are very laid back (i.e., chickens) and we have had hours of fun while watching them. She is loving and sweet natured with adults and children. She’s young and needs activity in order to not become mischievous. She loves life and she will love a new home.  Is it yours?

PS: Bridget is crate trained with other dogs in the room, on her own she would need training to adjust. 

NOTE: Dogs may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).