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Polly * Good with DogsGood with CatsPotties on a leashWorking on HousetrainingCrate TrainedGood  for ApartmentsNeeds a fenced yard
Gender: Female Age: 2 - 3 years Status: Adopted

Polly is a charming 2–3-year-old, 24 pound, tricolor female. She may be a bit timid in new surroundings; however, once she becomes familiar, she will let her beagle personality shine.

She absolutely loves being outdoors. Going for long walks really makes her tail wag! She is getting used to several walks a day, from a half mile to 3 miles at a time and is good on a leash. Of course, she is bound to follow her nose and enjoys giving all the little critter scents a good schnuffle. She is also becoming a good lounger and enjoys snuggling in with her humans, on the couch, especially when a good belly rub is being offered.

Polly is not your typical food driven beagle. She will sit on command before eating from her dish and will sometimes leave her dish unfinished. She does not resource guard. When offered, she will carry her milk bones over to the couch but may not eat them right away. She is very interested in what her humans are eating, but when ignored, she will go lay down.

She will chew on plush squeaky dog toys, Nylabone's and bully sticks. She has also been known to chew on things that she shouldn’t like a sock that she inevitably steals from the laundry room on a daily basis. She is working on learning which things are hers to chew and which ones aren’t.

Polly does not have any tells that she needs to do her outside duties. She is typically taken outside on a regular schedule. She does have occasional accidents in the house. She is crate trained for when she is home alone (up to 8 hours) and through the night and she will not have accidents in her crate. She rides quietly in the car but is uneasy about getting in/out of vehicles.

Polly gets along well with other dogs and her only encounter with a cat was at the vet office, where the cat free roams, and Polly pretty much ignored her. She has not had any exposure to young children.

Polly has more of a bark than a beagle bay, and she only uses her voice when barking at her own reflection or if there is a strange noise. Her fears are of sudden loud unexpected noises, like thunder, where she may cower or quietly hide in her crate and car rides with the windows down as she will tremble from the noise of the wind.

Polly does get the beagle zoomies and will race around the house and over the furniture. She will also do this on the leash, so hang on!

I believe that Polly would do best in a home with 1-2 other people that she can fully bond with and trust. She needs someone who can take her on frequent walks or have a fenced in yard. She is easy to fall in love with!

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).